The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


11. Chapter Eleven


      The next day was Wednesday, and I had Art first lesson.

      It was pretty boring, although Hayley didn't turn up, and so I presumed that the Lollipop Brigade were off shopping again and wreaking havoc in town.

      I hoped that Damien and I wouldn't see them when we went into town to go to the cinema that afternoon.


      After eating a quick lunch from a recently opened cafe, that Damien and I thought we would try, we were stood outside the cinema gazing at the posters as we tried to choose which film to watch. There were several films that were supposed to be good including a comedy, several action films, a horror film and a romance, so Damien and I didn't have a clue which one to pick. In the end we chose the comedy thinking that at least then it would be funny, whereas we didn't really have any idea what the actions would be like, and I wasn't very keen on horror films, and Damien wasn't keen on romance films.

      We settled down in our seats with the popcorn that we had just bought and watched several adverts before the film eventually came on.


      Now I would like to say that something romantic happened like, Damien put his arm around me, or we held hands or something, but nothing like that happened, although we did brush hands accidentally one time. Anyway, I don't feel that way about Damien, and I'm sure that he doesn't feel that way about me! How did we even get onto this subject?

      Damien and I emerged from the cinema in fits of laughter.

      I had tears in my eyes. "That was so hilarious! When he... and she..." I gripped my stomach, as I continued to laugh, wishing that I could stop as it was hurting so much.

      Damien was wiping tears from the corners of his eyes. "Oh man, that was definitely a good choice."

      Once Damien and I had calmed down, we started walking back home.

      "Have you got any plans for the rest of the afternoon?" Damien asked me.

      I shook my head. "Only homework, why?"

      He smiled. "Do you want to come over to my house and play Crystal Kingdom?"

      I smiled back. "That sounds like an excellent idea."


      When we reached my house Damien waited outside while I quickly dropped my bag off and picked up a copy of the muffin recipe for Damien's mum.

      I walked across the road with Damien.

      Damien's mum, Emily was in the kitchen baking when we walked into the house.

      I gave her the recipe and she smiled at me, and said. "Thank you Meg, I will make some soon. I'm baking chocolate brownies at the moment; shall I bring you some up later, when they have cooled down?"

      Damien and I both said that it would be very nice if she did and thanked her before we left the kitchen and quickly popped out to the garden to see the dogs.

      Betsy, Max and Frank were all very excited to see us and so we ended up playing with them and making a fuss of them for at least ten minutes.


      I helped Damien move his two seated sofa in front of his TV, and sat down waiting for him to set the game up.

      Smiling, Damien sat down next to me and handed me a game controller.

      "Thanks, I'm really looking forward to playing the demo of the new game." I told him, brushing my fringe to the side.

      "Yeah me too, do you know when the next book out?" He asked, watching the TV screen as the menu for Crystal Kingdom popped onto the screen.

      "I'm not sure, it might be next month. At least I hope it is."

      Damien turned to me grinning. "Shall we begin?"


      An hour later and I stretched my sore hands.

      "I don't know where the time goes when we play this game."

      Damien let out a sigh of relief as we finished a level. "Me either, we are doing well, though I had never seen that shortcut before."

      I smiled cheekily. "Aren't you lucky that you've got me here then?"

      He laughed. "Yes I am. Hey, for the next level can I be Ebony?"

      "What?" I asked, staring at Damien in bewilderment. "You want to be Ebony?"

      He nodded, smiling.

      I laughed. "But... you're a boy!"

      Damien frowned. "So! I want to see what it's like playing Ebony; after all she has different strengths and weaknesses to Felix."

      I still couldn't understand why Damien would want to play Ebony, I mean why?

      I leaned away from him and held my controller in the air above my head and out of his reach. "No!" I laughed. "I don't want to be Felix."

      He tried to reach for the controller. "Why not? Anyway Felix is cool, he can do magic."

      Holding the control higher I leaned further away. "So, if you like him so much why don't you want to be him?"

      Damien leaned closer. "I want to see what it's like being Ebony, please Meg."

      His request still seemed strange to me, so I leaned as far away as I dared backwards over the edge of the sofa.

      He leaned closer and seemed to over balance as he continued to reach for the controller, falling onto me and causing us both to fall off the sofa and land with a loud thud on the floor.

      I started to laugh until I saw how close Damien's face was to mine, and I fell silent aware that I had started blushing, and that a strange feeling was growing in my chest.

      We gazed at each other, our faces only inches away from each other.

      Hearing someone coming up the stairs Damien clambered off me, and starting laughing as he held out a hand to help me up.

      I accepted it, also laughing.

      Emily knocked on the door and walked in carrying a tray with a plate of delicious smelling chocolate brownies, and two glasses of lemonade. "Hello you two, oh what's so funny?"

      Damien gave his mum a brief explanation, saying that we had fallen off the sofa.

      "I wondered what that noise was." Emily said smiling. "If you want anything at all just call me, enjoy the brownies."

      Emily left and Damien and I drank from our glasses.

      "Sorry about that," I said as we returned to the sofa with the plate of brownies. "You can be Ebony if you want."

      Damien smiled. "I don't know why I was so insistent but thanks, sorry about making you fall off the sofa, and falling on you."

      I took a bite of my brownie, and smiled.


      I knew immediately that I was dreaming. Want to know why? It may have been something to do with the fact that I was wearing a leather bodice and a linen knee-length skirt with leather strips attached to it. Also I was carrying a bow and arrow.

      Damien who was stood next to me was dressed in a brown cloak, as well as black boots, trousers and a cross between a tunic and a shirt. He was also sporting a sword and had long, black hair.

      I groaned; this was the result of playing a particular game too much and being obsessed with that game.      

      Damien, or Felix which was who he was dressed as, turned to me (I was dressed as Ebony). "Quickly Meg, we need to get to the crystal before Sygrove or his monster!"

      I nodded, playing along and ran after Damien as he disappeared up a mountain path.

      We seemed to have been running for only a few seconds when Damien called for me to stop. He whirled around, eyes wide as he peered around listening carefully.

      Deep, booming laughter filled my ears and I sighed, knowing what was coming next. "Well, well, well if it isn't the powerless human, and the wizard with no familiar." Sygrove, Ebony and Felix's enemy in Crystal Kingdom stepped out in front of us, smirking evilly. Sygrove is a tall, dark and annoyingly handsome evil wizard, who as I explained to you before is trying to get all the crystals before Ebony and Felix.

      I saw Damien grow angry at the dig about having no familiar, which is what always happens to Felix in the books, and nobody knows why Felix doesn't have a familiar.

      "Where's your giant lizard?" I asked Sygrove, teasingly. "Crawled back under a rock?"

      Sygrove laughed. "Look behind you."

      Reluctantly I turned around slowly and flinched at the sight of Sygrove's familiar, for two reasons; the first is because Sygrove's familiar is a komodo dragon and freaks me out, the second reason was that for some reason or other, in this particular dream the Komodo dragon had Sara's face.

      I cringed as it walked past me and over to Sygrove, trying not to laugh at the sight of Sara's face attached to a komodo dragon.

      "Let us pass, Sygrove." Damien growled. "I cannot let you obtain any of the crystals."

      Banter was thrown from Damien to Sygrove for a few minutes, until I cried. "Enough! Move aside you foul wizard!" Raising my bow with an arrow knocked and ready to be released as I aimed it at Sygrove.

      He laughed again a flung out a hand. "Attack her, my beauty!" He yelled, addressing his familiar.

      The Komodo dragon with Sara's face hissed, and smiled at me, before leaping at me.

      I woke with a jolt, and it took a moment for me to realise where I was, which was on the floor of my bedroom.

      With a groggy groan I lifted myself off the floor and clambered back into bed, where I snuggled into the duvet and closed my eyes, as it was only three in the morning, in hope of a relatively normal dream. 


      The next day was Thursday and in the morning as Damien and I walked to school I told him about my dream, and he burst into laughter straight away.

      "Sara's face? On a komodo dragon?"

      He didn't stop laughing all the way to school, and burst into random fits of laughter throughout the day, much to the teacher's annoyance.

      I have to admit though, that I nearly started laughing when I saw Sara for the first time that day, and had to look the other way as I tried to control myself.


      Thursday past in a flash and then it was Friday, the day of the theatre trip.

      My first lesson of the day was P.E., which was really boring as we were in the gym doing athletics.     

      After that I had Science, which was also boring.

      After Science Damien and I were walking down the corridor when all of a sudden Nick (aka. Nipple Nick) came storming past us, casting worried glances behind him, his shoulder hitting me as he hurried past and on around a corner.

      Damien and I gazed after him, and I frowned in worry about what had just happened.

      It all became clear however, when giggles and 'lols' could be heard from the direction that Nick had come from.

      Filled with terror, I looked around and spotted a cupboard, grabbing Damien's arm I dragged him over to the cupboard and yanked the door open. Once we were both inside, what turned out to be a supplies cupboard, I closed the door. Just in time too as Sara could be heard chatting away about what a freak Nick is, I clenched my fists at that comment.

      Angel 'lolled' and the voices of the Lollipop Brigade disappeared.

      I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to face Damien for the first time since we had arrived in the cupboard.

      He was giving me an odd look, and had one eyebrow raised, and was actually quite close to me.

      "Err, Meg," He said. "Why did you pull me in this small cupboard?"

      I blushed. "Well I didn't want to get bombarded by the Lollipop Brigade."

      Damien laughed. "I can understand that, I was just surprised at your speed."

      I smiled. "Yeah, sorry if I hurt you,"

      "That's ok, can we go now? I think they've gone."

      I slowly opened the door and peered out to find that the corridor was empty. Opening the door wider I evacuated the supplies cupboard, Damien hot on my heels.

      He laughed again and ran a hand through his hair, and I noticed for the first time how nice he looked when he laughed. I blushed at the thought and turned away so that he wouldn't see my red face.

      "Shall we go and wait by the bus?"

      We were going on the bus to the theatre at the end of break.

      "Yep, let's go." Damien said, and we walked outside and over to the car park where the buses were waiting for all the Year Eleven English students.

      Fifteen minutes later and Damien and I were sat on the bus, me by the window as Damien had insisted that I sit there.

      Sara led the rest of the Lollipops onto the bus and I looked away.

      "Aw, look girls," Sara cooed. "The adorable couple is sitting next to each other! I'm surprised that Meg has managed to keep him as a friend for so long though! Better make the most of it while you can, Meg!"

      Sara started making kissing noises and the rest of the Brigade copied her as they stalked past.

      Once they were gone, Damien turned to me and said. "It was very, very tempting to trip them all up."

      I laughed. "I wish you had."

      He smiled. "But then Sara would be plotting revenge, and I would be just as bad as them."

      I nodded. "Yeah I guess, just imagine the looks on their faces though!"

      Damien suppressed a laugh as Mrs. Cowell appeared and started to take the register.


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