The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


18. Chapter Eighteen


      The rest of the day was pretty hectic.

      I couldn't go to school because of all the journalists, and I could go home because of the same reason.

      "Why is this big news?" I asked Damien as we were sat in the back of his dad's car, driving somewhere secret.

      He shrugged. "You are the long lost daughter of a millionaire business man, its front page material."

      Eventually the car stopped and it turned out that Damien's dad, Tom had brought us to a company 'safe house' which was apparently in case of an emergency (did this count as an emergency?).

      The house only had two bedrooms, and it turned out that Jeremy (it still sounds too weird to call him or even think of him as my dad), Damien, Tom Damien's dad and I were all staying the night.

      While Tom and Jeremy sorted out the sleeping arrangements, Damien and I set to work in the kitchen sorting through the various food items that Damien's dad had got from a shop.

      In the end I ended up making pasta with cheese sauce, notice that I said I? Well it turns out that Damien can't really cook.

      I was cooking the pasta when Jeremy walked into the kitchen.

      He laughed. "Your mum was a good cook, but I'm useless; my limit is microwave ready meals."

      I smiled. "Aaron taught me, he's a really good cook." Hoping that I hadn't offended him by mentioning Aaron I added. "Maybe I could teach you?"

      He nodded. "That would be good."

      "Do you want mum's wedding ring?"

      Jeremy looked shocked. "No, Gail wanted you to have it so you should keep it." He seemed touched by my offer though. "I'm sorry about all this Meg; you shouldn't have found out this way."

      I gave him a small smile. "That's ok; it's not your fault."


      After I served up dinner we sat in the living room and played a game of Scrabble that we had found hidden away in a cupboard. There was a TV but believe it or not it was black and white! Yep, pretty much ancient.

      An hour or so after we had begun the game of Scrabble, it ended with most of us groaning as Jeremy grinned victoriously, and I felt my heart swell with pride (is that normal? I really don't know).

      It was quite late, so we started sorting out who was sleeping where.

      Tom spoke. "Meg, you can have a bedroom to yourself, and Jeremy has kindly offered to sleep on the sofa, so Damien and I will sleep in the other bedroom."

      Unfortunately as we had been rushed today we hadn't got any spare clothes, but I found some in the wardrobe of the room I was staying in.

      "I found these," I said dropping two black bin bags full of old and rather unfashionable clothes onto the living room floor.

      Rifling through one, I couldn't find any pyjamas or a nightdress. I did however find some shorts and a t-shirt that would act perfectly as sleeping wear.

      Damien's dad had brought us all toothbrushes and we shared a tube of toothpaste.

      My room had a single bed, but there weren't any sheets or duvets, we did however find some sleeping bags which looked like they had seen better days. My room was pretty empty as it only had a built-in wardrobe, a small bedside table and a lamp in it.

      I was just getting into bed when there was a knock on the door.

      "Yes?" I called, zipping myself into my sleeping bag.

      The door creaked open and Jeremy, my dad, walked in.

      "Hi Meg, are you alright? Sorry about all this." He sat down at the foot of my bed and I sat up.     "Hopefully tomorrow things will have calmed down a bit and you can go home."

      "What about you?" I asked. "Where will you go?"

      He smiled. "I have a house not far from the Baugh Technologies that you visited on Wednesday. There are probably journalists outside it right now."

      "When will I see you again?" I asked, playing with the zip on my sleeping bag.

      "I don't know, work is going to be busy what with Crystal Kingdom two coming out soon, but I will make time to see you, Meg." Jeremy pulled me into his arms and gave me a quick hug. Placing a hand on my cheek, his voice was full of emotion as he said. "You look like her you know, I'm surprised I didn't notice as soon as I laid my eyes on you."

      I nodded and smiled, tears forming in my eyes.

      "Goodnight sweetheart." Jeremy leaned down and kissed my forehead before leaving the room.

      Sniffing I wiped my eyes, and jumped when my mobile phone started to ring.

      "Hello?" I said, after seeing that it was Home calling.

      "Meg?" It was Claire, and she sounded anxious. "Meg, are you alright? We've been so worried about you. Where are you?"

      "Claire, I'm fine. I don't really know where we are; we're in some sort of 'safe house'."

      She sounded a bit upset. "I suppose that you know then."

      "Yes, there were journalists at school."

      "Meg, I'm so sorry. You know that Aaron and I still love you and still want you to live with us? But it is up to you what you want to do."

      I could hear Aaron comforting Claire in the background.

      Rubbing my temples, I sighed. "I'm still going to live with you and Aaron; Jeremy and I are going to take things slow."

      She sounded relieved. "Oh good, but you know that we would understand if you wanted to live with him, after all he is your father."

      I felt myself smile as that word. "Ok, well I might see you tomorrow. I will keep you up to date with what is happening."

      "Ok, sleep well Meg, Aaron wants to speak with you quickly."

      "Ok, bye."

      "Hey Meg, are you alright?" Aaron sounded concerned.

      "Yes, I'm fine, just a bit shocked still."

      "That's understandable. Well you know that we will always be here for you no matter what you decide to do."

      "I know," I replied, twirling some of my hair around my finger. "I will probably see you tomorrow."

      "Alright, sleep well Meg, good night."

      I ended the call, sad that Claire had obviously been so distressed by today’s occurrences.

      There was a tentative knock on my door and I couldn't help but think: what now?

      "Yes?" I called, wanting nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep in this strange house.

      Damien's head appeared around the door. "Only me, can I come in?"

      I nodded and he walked over, joining me on my bed.

      Damien was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as well. "We are twins." He said, nudging me gently with his shoulder.

      I smiled and said nothing.

      "You ok? Today must have been really hard for you." He was smiling at me warmly.

      I rubbed my eyes. "I just can't believe it, it just doesn't feel real."

      I felt tears forming in my eyes, and Damien wrapped his arms around me.

      "Hey, it's ok." He soothed me, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

      "I'm sorry," I muttered, grateful for his kindness. "It's just... oh I don't really know."

      "I had better go," Damien said, smiling at me. "I will see you in the morning."

      "Goodnight, Damien and thanks."

      He walked over to the door. "That's ok, goodnight Meg."

      He closed the door behind him as he left and I flopped down onto the bed, tired and so very confused.


      We left the house, wherever it was at half three in the morning, which meant that we arrived back home in Lakeside just after five o'clock. The reason for our early departure was to avoid the journalists, and fortunately the plan was successful.

      After a brief farewell to Jeremy, I went inside to be hugged by Claire numerous times.

      I went to bed as I was tired, but I couldn't sleep; I had too much to think about.

      A dad! I actually had a proper dad! I felt giddy at the thought of it. I was looking forward to spending time with Jeremy and getting to know him.

      Smiling to myself like a fool I finally fell to sleep.


      I didn't go to school the next day which was Tuesday.

      When I went downstairs for breakfast in the morning I peered through the curtains and was shocked to see a large group of journalists gathered outside.

      "What do they expect to happen?" I asked Aaron who was cooking me breakfast.

      He shrugged. "I don't know but Claire had difficulty getting the car off the drive this morning."

      I felt guilty at this comment. "I'm sorry about this Aaron; you shouldn't have to deal with all this."

      Aaron gave me a kind smile. "It's not your fault Meg. Anyway it's great that you have finally found your biological father."

      I nodded, gathered in my billions of confused thoughts.

      Damien didn't go to school either that day. So when most of the journalists had given up and gone home which was after lunch, he popped over.

      "You alright?" He asked me, greeting me with a hug.

      "Yeah," I smiled. "Still can't believe all the journalists that have been wondering around."

      "Are you going to school tomorrow?" Damien asked as we went and sat on the sofa in the living room.

      I nodded. "I think I had better, but there is probably going to be journalists there again. I wonder if anyone will say anything or treat me any differently."

      "Why would they?" Damien asked, his fringe flopping over his eyes as he tilted his head.

      I reached out and brushed his fringe away so that I could see his eyes. "I am the daughter of a millionaire business man."

      Smiling he grabbed my hand. "It might make a difference to people that only care about money and power, but it won't make any difference to me."

      I felt my heart melt as he smiled at me.

      Looking down I said. "Yeah well you are used to money and power after all; your dad has an important job at Baugh Technologies. Can I ask you something?"

      He looked interested and nodded. "Yeah, of course you can."

      "Did you... when did you find out that Jeremy is my dad?"

      Damien looked uncomfortable as he answered. "It was Saturday. Dad told me when you and Jeremy went walking in the gardens. He told me not to tell you, that Jeremy would do it when the time was right."

      I nodded.

      "You're not upset are you?"

      I looked up at him. "With you? Of course not," I nudged him playfully and smiled. "It's going to be fun going to school tomorrow anyway."


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