The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


8. Chapter Eight


      The circus was set out on Elderberry Field, good name I know.

      Damien and I were surprised at the size of it all; there seemed to be every ride and type of food imaginable.

      We walked down the main path in between the rides, gazing around in wonder at the sights and sounds of the circus.

      "This is amazing!" I laughed, gazing at Damien.

      He smiled. "I never thought it would be this big. Do you want some candyfloss?"

      We walked over to a candyfloss stall.

      "I should really pay for this as you paid for the lunch on Wednesday."

      Damien laughed. "If you really want to pay so much, then go ahead."

      I bought two candyflosses and Damien and I ate them, laughing as we continued walking amongst the rides.

      "What ride do you want to go on first?" Damien asked as we squeezed past a group of giggling school girls.

      I gazed at the nearby rides. "It's so hard to choose... how about the Funhouse?"

      "Good choice."

      We finished off our candyfloss and paid for our own tickets at the booth.

      It turned out that the Funhouse was a very good choice on my part, ok here's how it went; we had to climb up a slide to get into the actual house itself, which was difficult and embarrassing as I fell over several times which Damien found hilarious as he managed to get up the slide on his very first attempt, then we had to squeeze through those vertical rolling pin things, which was rather painful, next there was a very fast treadmill that we had to run across, and guess who fell over again, yep that's right, me. So after the treadmill that inflicted several bruises on me, we had to run through a hamster wheel, which I am glad, and was very surprised at the time, to say I did not fall over in, however a certain Mr Damien Wood did fall over, ha! After that, there was a corridor filled with those mirrors that make you look fat, thin and just generally abnormal, which Damien and I had a good laugh over. Anyway it continued on in this fashion until we reached the exit, by which time, Damien and I were clutching our stomachs as we were laughing in a fit of hysterics. It took five minutes for the two of us to calm down completely.

      "That was awesome." Damien said, wiping tears from his eyes.

      I smiled. "Yes, we certainly got our money’s worth. Since I chose that one, you get to choose next, which ride?"

      He looked around. "How about the Ghost Train?"

      We paid for our own tickets again, believe me it's a lot easier than having an argument over the whole thing.

      The man in the ticket booth was a bit creepy and winked at me, which was totally gross as he was at least in his thirties.

      After queuing for a few minutes, Damien and I sat down in the cart or whatever it's called, and held onto the handlebar preparing ourselves for the worst ghosts, skeletons and sound effects ever, boy were we wrong. I am not ashamed to say that I screamed loudly, because get this, Damien screamed too, well shouted really.

      "That has got to be without a doubt the best Ghost Train I have ever been on." Damien told me seriously as we walked around the noisy fairground, pushing through the crowds.

      My heart was still beating frantically from the scare I had just received. "It was unbelievable."

      As we walked past the Tunnel of Love, the man in the booth shouted to us. "Oi, lovebirds! Come and ride in the Tunnel of Love! It's the only ride where you get to make out!"

      Damien and I blushed simultaneously when we realised that he thought we were a couple.

      With a laugh I shouted. "No thanks!" And we hurried past.

      "Your turn to choose, Meg." Damien said, once he had gotten over the Tunnel of Love man’s comments.

      I turned to him. "I actually really want a toffee apple."

      He rubbed his hands together. "Let's go get us some toffee apples then."

      Minutes later we were crunching our way through delicious toffee apples.

      "Mmm, so good," I murmured.

      Damien laughed. "Ok, so is it my turn to choose next then?"


      An hour later we were both sat on a bench, clutching our stomachs and groaning in agony.

      I was sat with my head between my knees, my hair hanging down. "We should not have gone on that ride for a second time."

      "The Hurler?" Damien asked. "No I don't think we should have. I don't think we should have gone on The Crusher either."

      I groaned. "No, definitely not," I sat up slowly.

      "Are you alright? Not going to throw up?" He asked, concerned.

      "No, I'm not going to throw up, I felt like I was before though."

      Damien nodded. "I felt like I was going to. Maybe we should get some water?"

      We bought a bottle of water each and sat in the shade, nursing our poor, abused stomachs.

      I drained my bottle of water and threw it into a nearby bin. "That feels a lot better."

      Damien nodded, and threw his empty bottle in the bin as well. "Ok, we have half an hour before the firework display, is there a ride that you want to go?"

      I looked around and was surprised to see how dark it had become. None of the nearby rides appealed to me. "No, there's nothing I want to go on."

      I heard Damien gasp, and turned to face him.

      "There's a Hall of Mirrors." He said voice full of excitement.

      "No. No way, Damien I hate those things." I told him meaning every word.

      "Oh, come on, Meg, please?" He gave me a sad puppy look and I'm ashamed to say that my heart melted a little.

      I opened my mouth to speak and Damien grabbed my hand and practically dragged me over to the Hall of Mirrors.

      "This is going to be great Meg, you'll see."

      As soon as we entered the Hall of Mirrors everything turned pitch black and suddenly Damien's hand was no longer in mine.

      "Damien?" I called, panic starting to rise within me.

      I walked slowly forwards, cursing myself for letting myself be dragged into the Hall of Mirrors.

      I don't know why, but for me the Hall of Mirrors have always represented something bad, something evil. I don't know why that is, but now I was in my worst nightmare and I had to get out as soon as possible.

      Pulling my phone out of my pocket and sent Damien a quick text asking where on Earth he was and what he was playing at, before using the light from my phone to guide me.

      Seeing a light a metre or so in front of me I ran to it and once there called out Damien's name several times.

      I listened hard for an answer and thought I heard Damien's voice from my left.

      As I was at a crossroads I chose the left turning and ran down it my heart racing.

      "It's ok," I whispered. "It's only a circus ride."

      Hearing laughter I whirled around to find myself alone.

      I was starting to get seriously freaked out.

      There was another light nearby so I ran over to that and found myself in a semicircle of mirrors.

      "Damien?" I cried, aware that my voice sounded desperate.

      There was more laughter and I turned around but couldn't see anyone.

      Pulling out my phone I rang Damien but he didn't answer. I restrained from swearing and put my phone back in my pocket.

      A beam of light suddenly fell on me, blinding me momentarily.

      Hearing something behind me I turned around, blinking as my eyesight returned to normal, and found myself staring at myself; I was now standing in a circle of mirrors.

      "Damien!" I shouted. "If this is you, you are so dead."

      There was laughter from my right.

      I walked over to the nearest mirror and put my hands on it, as I tried to peer through to the other side.

      There was more laughter this time, but it was high pitched and girly.

      I was starting to get frustrated. "Look whoever this is stop it, it's not funny."

      A voice came from all around. "Oh but it is, Meg, it's so very funny."

      I froze; I knew that voice. It was Sara.

      There was suddenly darkness as the lights turned off, then a few minutes later they switched back on and I found myself staring at Sara Hills, who looked as if she was somehow in the mirror.

      "This isn't funny, Sara, please stop it." I should have known it was her; had I really been so stupid to think that I could possibly have a good day without Sara or one of the other Lollipop Brigade ruining it?

      Her laugh was harsh. "But I'm enjoying myself so much, Meg. It's not often that we get to be alone."

      I shuddered at the dangerous edge to her voice. "Please Sara, don't do this."

      Sara tilted her head to the side, her blonde hair falling across her face and concealing the gleeful look on her face. "Oh Meg, don't be such a spoilsport. But where's your boyfriend? Did he ditch you?"

      I clenched my fists at my sides. "Shut up." I growled.

      She gave me a sad look. "Aww he did, well don't worry I'm sure he will find a much better looking girlfriend, since you're the ugliest person in Lakeside that shouldn't be hard."

      "Shut up!" I screamed.

      Concentrating on all the insults I that I had endured over my years at Lakeside High School, I punched the nearest mirror, crying out in pain and frustration as the glass cut my hand.

      I joined the glass as it fell to the floor, and pulled my knees up to my chest sobbing.


      I felt hands on my shoulders and flinched away from them, unable to stop my loud sobbing.

      "Meg, it's me Damien." His voice was gentle, and I heard him brush glass away with his foot before sitting down beside me.

      He put his arm around me and pulled me close. "Meg, what happened?"

      I tried to speak but couldn't find the words, instead I continued to cry.

      Damien held me close and comforted me.


      After a while I heard voices, and I was stood up and walked out of the Hall of Mirrors.

      The lights outside were blinding compared to the darkness of the Hall of Mirrors.

      I was led to an office where my hand was bandaged up and I was asked questions.

      I told them that I had tripped and fallen over, but I don't know if they believed me, I know Damien certainly didn't.

      When we were eventually allowed to go, Damien led me over to a bench that wasn't occupied by the enormous crowd that had gathered for the firework display.

      We had missed half of the display, and I watched as the fireworks went off, colouring the sky different colours as people 'oohed' and 'ahhed'.

      "Meg," Damien said, frowning. "What really happened? I mean, I know you can be clumsy sometimes, but you're not that clumsy."

      I tore my gaze away from the fireworks, aware that my eyes were red and puffy from crying. "It was Sara."

      I told Damien what had happened.

      He looked shocked. "Meg, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have run off like that it was silly of me. Are you sure it was her though? I mean she's really nasty, but would she do something like that?" He took my hands gently in his.

      I stared at him, wide eyed. "Are you saying that I made it up? She was there I know she was, I heard her voice... she was tormenting me just like she usually does."

      Damien apologised. "I'm sorry, Meg, but I had to ask; some people, like Sara will do anything to get attention, and I had to check. But you're not like that, I should have known."

      Restraining from the urge to reach out and put my hand on his cheek, I gave him a sad smile and turned my attention back to the fireworks, aware that our hands were still linked.

      After a particularly loud firework, I don't know if it was the loss of blood, or perhaps I was actually going mad, but I suddenly had the urge to howl like a dog. I said this to Damien and he laughed.

      "Really? Go ahead then."

      "Only if you do it with me," I grinned.

      "Ok, on the count of three... one... two...three,"

      "Awwoooooo aahhhh!" We howled simultaneously, earning glares from the people nearby.   

      I burst into laughter, and leaned against Damien. "That was so much fun."

      He was laughing too. "Oh, Meg, what are you like?"

      "Me?" I asked, looking up at him still laughing. "You did it too."

      He nudged my arm playfully. "Yeah but it was your idea."

      I stuck my tongue out at him and he smiled. I leaned back against the bench, and Damien must have noticed that our hands were still touching because he casually yawned and leaned back and crossed his arms.

      I smiled to myself, the Hall of Mirrors incident pushed to a dark corner of my mind, as we watched the rest of the firework display in silence.

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