The Harpooned Whale

'The Harpooned Whale' is set on the high seas and follows the adventures of Erin, a steely young woman with a violent streak, and Scarlet who is thrown into her world.


4. Chapter Four: Scarlet


      I was woken roughly by the man with the eye-patch, whose foul breath made me gag.

      “Uh, what time is it?” I asked, rubbing my tired eyes.

      I had gotten barely any sleep thanks to the hammock I'd been given. I'd never slept in one before, having grown up with a bed all my life. I decided to talk to Edgar or Erin later about having my own cabin.

      The eye-patch man replied, saying some ungodly hour. I groaned and covered my face with the scratchy blanket I had been given.

      Minutes later the ginger haired man kicked me out of the hammock, making me land on the floor. “Get up. You don't want Erin to catch you arsing about.”

      With great reluctance, I dragged myself after the rest of the crew, out of the cramped quarters and into a galley that severely lacking in storage space.

      A blonde man, who appeared to be the chef, handed me a plate of very unhealthy looking food. “You're gonna need your strength today,” he told me with a smile. “Erin's gonna work you hard. I'm Callum by the way.”

      I thanked him and sat next to the lanky young man called Ryall.

      Turning to me, Ryall held out a hand. “I'm Ryall. I was hoping that we could be friends.”

      Everyone had burst into howls of laughter. I'd blinked in confusion, but then recalled that I had said those words to Erin the previous evening. They must have overheard our conversation. A blush crept onto my features.

      The man with the beanie snorted, wiping tears from his eyes. “I can't believe ya actually said tha' to her.”

      “I thought ya knew all the stories, boy,” Edgar chuckled. “Ya obviously don't know them all.”

      “What do you mean?”

      He winked not answering my question.


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