A chance meeting between a prince and a peasant results in consequences that will not only change their lives, but also the kingdom.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


30. Chapter Thirty: Khyber

      The next week past without incident and I continued to sleep in Samera’s room, afraid that if I didn’t Abelard would hurt her. Rumours were flying around the Palace, rumours that Samera and I were sleeping together. It was embarrassing and I felt sorry for Samera. I turned my gaze to her. From where I was sat in an armchair beside the bed, I could see her face. I had once thought that she was pretty for a poor girl, but know I believed that she was the most amazing women I had ever met. I ached to touch her, to kiss her. I wanted to marry her. Samera stirred in her sleep. She had put on weight during her time at the Palace. It suited her. She no longer looked like she would snap like a twig. Samera was still skinny though. Her long, dark hair was shiner as well and she seemed happier. I hoped she was happy here with me. I wasn’t sure how much longer she would be allowed to remain here, especially if Abelard really had sent our father a message. I dreaded to think what the King would say when he found out that I was in love with a peasant.


      A new layer of snow fell overnight and I went into the library to find Samera by the window.

      “Can I go outside?” Samera asked me grinning like a child.

      My heart swelled at the sight of her and I laughed. “Of course, but you’ll need to wrap up. It’s freezing out there.”

      Samera borrowed Mariella’s fur cloak and we went out to the gardens. We had asked Mariella if she wanted to join us but she had declined with a warm smile.

      “Come on!” Samera cried, grabbing my gloved hand with her own and dragging me further away from the Palace.

      “You sure are in a hurry.” I chuckled.

      She slowed down once we were behind some snow covered trees. “I just need some fresh air.” Samera’s breath billowed in front of her.

      “Are you warm enough?”

      Smiling, Samera nodded.

      We chatted while we walked, our hands still entwined. After a while we stopped and I withdrew a small box from the folds of my cloak.

      Suddenly embarrassed I pressed the box into her leather clad hand. “I... I got this for you.” I felt anxious. What if Samera didn’t like it?

      Her blue eyes widened in surprise. “Khyber,” She murmured. “Thank you. You shouldn’t have.”

      “Don’t thank me yet. You might hate it.” I laughed to hide my worry.

      Watching as Samera opened the box I felt butterflies scatter around my stomach. A gasp escaped her lips and she raised her eyes to meet mine.

      “It’s beautiful, but I can’t accept it.”

      “I want you to have it, Samera.”

      She blinked away tears and gazed down at the sapphire necklace. “I don’t deserve your kindness.”

      I reached out a hand and stroked her pale cheek. “Yes you do. You deserve to be showered with jewels and magnificent dresses. I want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”

      A tear ran down Samera’s cheek and I brushed it away. She leaned forwards to kiss my cheek but somehow our lips met. Samera pulled away looking shocked but then she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed again. I had never felt so overjoyed in all my life. Clutching Samera closer to me I deepened the kiss. She gasped, her lips parting slightly and our tongues grazed.

      “Prince Khyber?” A deep voice called from nearby.

      Samera and I hastily broke apart and moments later a guard appeared.

      “Your highness, your presence has been requested in the council chambers,” The guard said, his eyes narrowing when he realised that I was with Samera and not Mariella.

      “By who?” I asked, still trying to catch my breath. My heart was pounding away in my chest.

      “The King,”            

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