A chance meeting between a prince and a peasant results in consequences that will not only change their lives, but also the kingdom.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


17. Chapter Seventeen: Samera


      Omer, Torrance, my father and Menul, who had been working at the mines since his return, were among the men who lost their jobs. In the days that followed I didn’t see them much. They probably went to the pub. My father was still producing bags of money and the more he gave me the more worried I became. What was he doing for Kale?

      I was alone in the house preparing dinner when the front door crashed open. I jumped and my eyes widened in horror as five hulking men stomped inside.

      “W...what do you want?” I stammered, clutching the knife in my hand tightly. Fear made my knees shake.

      Without a word they descended on me. I put up as much of a fight as I could, but even with a knife I was no match for them. I screamed as they grabbed at me and then someone gagged me. They tied my hands and legs together and tears ran down my face as I was thrown over one of the men’s shoulders. The moon was covered with clouds so it was too dark for me to tell where they were taking me. After what seemed like hours I was thrown onto the ground. The wind was knocked out of me and I gasped in pain.

      “Is this her?”

      The voice made my blood turn to ice. It was him. It was Kale.

      A lantern was placed on a rock nearby and I looked up to find Kale standing over me. I swallowed back a whimper at the evil in his eyes and sent a silent plea of help to the Goddess.

      Kneeling down Kale ran his eyes over me. “Not bad,” he smirked. “A bit skinny though. She would fetch a fair price in a whore house.” he saw the fear in my eyes and chuckled. “But that’s not where she’s going.” Kale stood back up and gestured for one of his men to move me.

      I was propped up against a boulder. Now able to see my surroundings I saw that we were at the mines. Why were we here?

      “Your father is a bad man, Samera.” Kale paced in front of me.

      I kept my eyes on my feet, not wanting to look at him.

      “He disobeyed me, you see. I don’t like it when someone doesn’t do as I say.” he straddled me with his knees and lifted my chin with a cold finger so that I was gazing into his eyes. “It makes me angry. Do you know what happens when I get angry?” a sob escaped from me and Kale laughed. “It looks like you know. Does Rasun get angry with you? Does he hurt you?” he lowered his mouth to my ear as his hand moved down my thigh. “Does he do things to you?” Kale smacked my head back against the boulder and stood up. “Well sweetheart, whatever he does is nothing compared to what I’m capable of.”


      I lifted my head up at the sound of my father’s voice and flinched in pain. My head was pounding and I could feel something wet running down my neck. Blood.


      My father, Menul, Omer and Torrance all burst into view. They were out of breath and sweating, and their eyes all widened in horror when they saw that I was tied up and gagged.

      “Kale,” my father said stepping forwards. “Please let her go. This is between you and me.”

      “No, Rasun.” Kale sighed sounding disappointed. “You brought your dear daughter into this when you went against me. And now you need to be taught a lesson.”

      I was hauled to my feet and dragged over to the mine entrance. Thrashing around I tried to escape but whoever was gripping my shoulders was too strong. 

      “Let her go you gahling son of a whore!” Omer yelled his features twisted in rage.

      Kale was amused. “Would you happen to be this young lady’s husband to be?”

      Begging and pleading Omer with my eyes not to say anything and to run while he could, I was distraught when he replied. “Yes I am.”

      “Oh,” Kale grinned, making him look grotesque in the light cast from the lantern. “I’ve heard all about you. I think you need to be taught a lesson too.”

      “No!” my cry was muffled.

      Hysteria was threatening to overwhelm me as my father, Menul and Torrance were beaten to the ground while Omer was towed to my side. He was hissing and cursing which only made Kale snigger in amusement.

      “You’ve got a foul tongue, boy. I do hope you haven’t been kissing Samera with that mouth. Maybe I should cut your tongue out?”

      I writhed around yelling and screaming behind my gag. Kale leaned forwards and removed the cloth from my mouth.

      “You got something to say?”

      “Please don’t hurt him.” my voice was hoarse. “Hurt me, not him.”

      “Ah, young love.” Kale sighed. Then he spat on my face. “Its sickening.” moving his eyes to the men holding me and Omer, he ordered. “Toss them.”

      My ears were filled with yells and bellows belonging to my father, Menul and Torrance who were being pinned to the ground and to Omer who was struggling to break free. But I couldn’t speak. My mind had frozen with dread. The mine. I was going into the mine. My chest constricted and I couldn’t breathe. I could already feel walls closing in on me. No. I couldn’t go back there. I couldn’t. But it turned out that I didn’t have any choice in the matter because seconds later I was falling down the ventilation shaft and into the darkness below.      


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