A chance meeting between a prince and a peasant results in consequences that will not only change their lives, but also the kingdom.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


11. Chapter Eleven: Samera


       Winter had taken hold and I was chilled to the bone when I returned home. I was shocked to find that my father and Menul had gotten back before me. They were having a heated discussion with Torrance. None of them greeted me.

      Preparing the dinner I gathered from what I overheard of their conversation that there were rumours some of the miners were going to lose their jobs. That was not good. We needed that money even if my father was still producing bags of taeckla from nowhere. I wanted to know what he was doing for Remy to earn so much money, but I didn’t dare ask him.

      The scraping of chairs on the floor drew me from my thoughts and I turned to see my father, Menul and Torrance leaving the house.

      “Don’t you want dinner?” I called after them.

      The only reply was the slam of the front door.

      Sighing I stopped what I was doing and leaned back against the counter. Would they want dinner when they returned? I had no idea. Deciding that I had better have food waiting in case, I continued cooking.


      I had brought only a few items with the money my father had given me. Such as new blankets and extra food for winter. I treated myself to a new winter dress as well and something even more luxurious. Chocolate. I had never tasted it before because it was so expensive that only the rich could afford it. For the first time in months I felt excited. Once I had finished the dinner, leaving it heating in the hearth, I went to Omer’s house, knowing that he would want to try the chocolate as well. Myra was out visiting a friend, and Torrance was with my father and brother, so we would be alone.

      “Omer?” I knocked on his bedroom door, having let myself into the house.

      Opening the door he grinned. His hair was messy making me wonder if I had woken him up.

      “Samera, it’s been a few days since I’ve seen you.”

      “I’m surprised that you haven’t gone out with the others.” I commented when he gestured for me to enter his room.

      Omer’s house was exactly the same as mine, and once we married I would be living there. We would share his bedroom. I didn’t know if I was looking forward to that or not, but at least Omer was fortunate to have a wooden frame for his bed. My mattress was on the floor in the room I shared with Menul. 

      “I get fed up of doing the same thing all the time.” Omer told me as we sat down on his bed.

      Remembering the reason I was there, I smiled. “Close your eyes.”

      He looked amused. “Why?”

      “Just do it, Omer.”

      With a chuckle he did as he was told. I pulled the bar of chocolate from my pocket and broke off a piece.

      “Open your mouth.”

      He did so without any comments and I placed a chunk of chocolate on his tongue.

      “Now savour the flavour and tell me what you think.”

      I put a square in my mouth as well and was overwhelmed by the delicious taste that flooded my mouth.

      Omer’s face was a mirror of my own. “Is that what I think it is?” he asked.

      Nodding I laughed.

      “How did you manage to get some?”

      My good mood disappeared in the blink of an eye. “My father has been doing jobs for Remy. I don’t know what he does but he gets paid well. Do you know, Omer?”

      He went to open his mouth, but thought better of it and shook his head.

      Looking down at the rest of the chocolate I tried to summon my previous excitement. “Do you want some more?”

      “No thank you, Samera.” Omer reached across and pulled my hair from its ponytail, making it fall down my back. Brushing loose strands from my face, he said. “You look even more beautiful when you have your hair down.”

       I blushed and he gazed at me with his brown eyes before kissing my neck. He moved his lips up to my chin before pressing them to my own lips. Omer drew me to his chest as he deepened the kiss. We overbalanced and fell back onto the mattress. I was on top of Omer and he moved his hands to my hips. Normally I would have pulled away at that point, but that time I didn’t. Omer cared for me a lot more than I did for him and I hated that. I wished that I loved him so that I could be the woman he deserved, but I didn’t. There was no spark at his touch, no flutter of my heart. Just the knowledge that I had to kiss him back, because if I didn’t then his feelings would be hurt and I didn’t want that. I would let Omer go that little bit further, just this once.

      Omer rolled us over so that he was on top and shifted a hand to my breast. Our tongues brushed and he groaned in pleasure. He moved his other hand to the back of my dress and started to unfasten it.

      “No Omer, that’s enough.” I told him, pushing him away.

      Stopping reluctantly, he turned over so that he was lying on the bed beside me. We were both breathing heavily and I rested my head on his chest, closing my eyes.

      Omer wrapped an arm around me. “I love you, Samera.”

      I squeezed my eyes tight, hiding my tears.

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