WOW:The Powerful Mage

This is for the WOW competition so please hit like and fav and give me advice.This is the story of a powerful Mage who's race is Forsaken.Hope you like it!!!


2. News

Today is a very special day I have heard news that the Lich king is hiding plotting for battle in the UnderCity. Can you believe he is stupid enough to come to our own place, is he dumb or what. I told the Queen what i heard and do you know what she did. She said that I should go and kill him and that i could have my own soldiers to help me.

Me i can't believe it am i lucky or what. I promised her i would not let her hopes out and would kill him. There is about 50 soldiers and all in my power. We are to keep watch all day and train till we are powerful, also the Queen let me borrow the enchanted bow do you believe that. I am overjoyed and so happy maybe my dream could come true. We are going to succeed and win our battle.

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