WOW:The Powerful Mage

This is for the WOW competition so please hit like and fav and give me advice.This is the story of a powerful Mage who's race is Forsaken.Hope you like it!!!


1. Power

I smiled at Sylvanas Windrummer, our leader and smiled not too big not too small. It was very important to get in her good side. One little thing could end your life, I knew from personal experience a person I knew lost her life due to one word. I stared at the queen she was breath taking but don't let that fool you she was very powerful and could kill you with one short. She had many names the Dark lady, Queen of the Forsaken and many more. When people looked at me they assumed I was a good little girl only the Queen and I knew the truth. I was a powerful Mage almost as strong as the Dark Lady herself. 

We do a lot of training from dawn to midnight, we trained till our hands were bruised and bleeding and even then we trained just for one thing to kill Lich King. The most best thing for me will be if i kill the Lich king just me. He is a horrible weakling compared to us and we will kill him. The Queen promises us gold and even her breath taking enchanted bow to anyone who kills him. I know that the enchanted bow could kill anyone with one short even the Queen herself. I have imagined myself holding the enchanted bow powerful and indestructible. I will have power and for power i will kill the Lich King.

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