Wanna addict of fakessssssss

imaginations are cool and we all enjoy it specially the writers


1. The sweet desire

I came 2 d corner of mh window nd feel d chill. O’h it’s raining, I go out 2 see if it really??? Y’hhhhhhhh  d clouds r filled wid a lot of paintings, nd I also notice d 7 coloured rainbow, wow I 1nce again started 2 take bath in d heaven’s rain. I can hear a calm nd melodious sound everywhere it made a sweet Pain in mh heart, perhaps u can understand , wht it means bt really it seems me great  nd suddenly I slipped as d ground got slippery due 2 heavy rain. Ohhhhhhhhh…. Suddenly I was in smbody’s arm. O’h wht  a feeling I jst closed mh eyes as I had got d right place for me at dis moment which started 2 force me not 2 leave d chance frm mh hands nd 1nce again a pain in mh heart……..!!!

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