lost in paradise

This story is about a girl that was going to Cyprus with her best friend. some mysterious things happened on the way...


1. The start


Lucy was on a First Choice jet plane to Cyprus.  Lucy was so excited. She hadn’t been on holidays for a while and was really looking forward to feeling the warm sunshine on her skin.  The noise of the engine filled the air, it sounded like rumbling thunder and there were sounds of shrieks from excited young children looking forward to their journey ahead.  Lucy looked to Ruby, her best friend, who was coming on holidays with her and her family.  She was also excited but Lucy could tell that she was scared as she had never been on an aeroplane before. The two girls were chatting about their holiday plans when they were interrupted.  The Captain came over the microphone, “Good morning. I hope you are all enjoying your flight to Cyprus.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the views.   We are just flying over the Alps.  If you need anything is sure to let the cabin crew know and I will speak to you when we are closer to Cyprus.”

Lucy peered out of the aeroplane window and gasped. The scenery was amazing.  The snow topped mountains reminded her of the white thick sugary icing on cupcakes. Lucy sat back, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She began thinking of what she would be doing in Cyprus. She thought about licking cold, creamy ice cream before it melted in seconds, relaxing on the overheated sun beds maybe even splashing in the swimming pool with Ruby and other friends she met.

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