lost in paradise

This story is about a girl that was going to Cyprus with her best friend. some mysterious things happened on the way...


6. The news


 Lucy woke up very startled to find that she was in fact landing at Cyprus airport. She looked around the plane and sighed with relief when she could see all the happy smiley faces of her family and the other passengers eagerly waiting to start their holiday on the sunny island of Cyprus.

As Lucy walked off the plane she reached out with her overstretched arm to touch the cold metal of the plane. As she did she whispered “Thanks for getting me here safely”. Ruby and her hot footed it through the airport and got onto their bus to take them to their hotel.

Lucy and Ruby had a lovely holiday in Cyprus and as Lucy was boarding the plane to come home, she kept her fingers crossed that she wouldn’t have another bad dream or should I say another NIGHTMARE.

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