lost in paradise

This story is about a girl that was going to Cyprus with her best friend. some mysterious things happened on the way...


3. The belly drop...




Lucy began to drift into sleep. She was aware that the noise from the engine was becoming quieter and quieter. She wondered if any other person had noticed it or was it just her.

Suddenly, Lucy heard a mighty bang almost as if a volcano had erupted.  Everyone in the aeroplane was panicking and the plane felt as though someone was bouncing it up and down like a yo yo.  Lucy could feel the aeroplane drop and her stomach turned like it does when you are as on a massive rollercoaster. Goosebumps covered her body and her hair felt as though it was standing on end.  Lucy started shaking and big wet tears were rolling down her cheeks stinging her red clammy skin.  She looked over to her best friend Ruby who was sat up as straight as a wall, her body appeared to be glued to her seat as if she could not move a muscle.  She was frantically screaming and looked so helpless.  A sense of fear filled the plane.

 The plane was dropping from the sky like a brick falling from the top of the tallest house in the world. Lucy felt her body being pulled from her black leather seat almost as if someone was dragging her from the seat. Lucy had no control at all and her mind was spinning like a tornado spinning through her head. She began to feel dizzy and light headed and she felt as though she was losing consciousness. 

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