lost in paradise

This story is about a girl that was going to Cyprus with her best friend. some mysterious things happened on the way...


4. The arrival


The next thing that Lucy was aware of was sand between her toes and an immense feeling of heat surrounding her.  She could see the wreckage of the plane in the distance.  She felt sick as the reality of what had happened took hold of her.  She pulled herself up off the sand and began frantically searching for her family and her best friend.  There were people running around everywhere with tear stained faces in total shock and panic. Lucy felt an overwhelming feeling of dread. Were her family and best friend dead or alive?

     Suddenly Lucy heard a familiar voice shouting her name.  It was Ruby! The relief Lucy felt was amazing, especially when she spotted her family searching for her and called to them.  They were alive.  But where were they?  How were they going to be rescued?  How would they survive?

Lucy took a moment to look around.  The air was filled with smoke from the burning wreckage of the plane but she could see that her surroundings were actually quite beautiful.  A long stretch of golden sand seemed to stretch on for miles and the sea so blue and sparkling like a precious stone.  There were large mountains in the distance covered with thick jungle.  Surely they could survive in a place like this until they would be rescued.  A loud voice interrupted Lucy’s thoughts.  It was the same voice that she had heard in the aeroplane earlier.  It was the captain.  He was calling people over.  Everyone rushed over to him in anticipation of what he was going to say.  “We are all extremely lucky to have survived.  All passengers are accounted for and we now have to work together to collect some food and make shelter while we wait to be rescued” he said.  “There should be plenty of food and fire wood in the jungle and other items that we can use to make shelter”.

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