lost in paradise

This story is about a girl that was going to Cyprus with her best friend. some mysterious things happened on the way...




Soon everyone was working together and before long they had set up camp just as the sun was going down behind the mountain.  There were makeshift tents surrounding a large campfire. Lucy, Ruby and her family were setting up camp, feeling worried about everything they could think of. As days went by Lucy began to think that they would never get rescued and they would live in this place forever and ever.

Every night Lucy, Ruby and her family would huddle around the fire to keep warm and tell stories to entertain each other. They would all slowly drift off for a good night’s sleep wondering what would await them the following day. Would they get rescued or would they build a raft to try and get off the island?

One night, as Lucy felt herself drifting off to sleep, she suddenly felt the ground starting to shake like jelly on a plate

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