A Hunter's Lament

Writing a resume would completely give it away...
-with some editorial help from Adam Gilray, my pal.


1. Whispers of Winter

Heavily, the snow fell, a carpet of white laying across the grasslands, cloaking the trees with a sheet of glistening white. The light that shone between the cluster of branches warmed my face - the life giving rays of the sun, relieved the icy coldness of winter, heralding the new life of the forthcoming spring. And in that moment, surrounded by a blanket of perfection, my worries and regrets from the past just seem to fade away until they have disappeared in the abyss that was my mind. 

Standing in the middle of the forest, my mane of golden curls billowed in the wind. I clutched my knitted brown cloak closer to my body. Tribal stitchings, a  collage of multiple shades of brown, covered the lower quarter.

The cloak reached to my knees, the rest of my legs were exposed to the bitter wind of winter. Underneath my cloak, I was hugged by a bright red lattice, bodice dress, that dipped at the sides and hung around my feet. But why was I wearing this dress? I didn't own such a thing.

My black leather gloves did an appalling job of keeping my small, slightly delicate hands warm. I rubbed them together in front of my face, in an attempt to warm my fingers and maintain the circulation.

I was rooted to the spot as I heard a strange shuffling sound through the snow, emerging towards me. I wrapped my cloak even tighter around my already shivering form. A blade was strapped to my thigh just in case I needed it. It was impossible to tell what inhabited this deserted forest that stretched for miles.

A medium sized wolf appeared, its teeth sunk into the flesh of an elk, carrying it as it stalked towards me. Cautiously, I reached for my blade, trying not to catch its attention. I was surprised when the lethal beast sank into the snow, nestling in, and shredded the elk. Somehow, I found myself staring at the wolf, entranced. Such a magnificent creature, a predator, with such grace. 

I had no recollection of exactly how I arrived in this isolated forest. Whilst I stood and watched the beast, I was in awe of it's majestic presence, and my questions no longer seemed important. Although in the company of a predator, I felt safe.

I felt protected.

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