As I Lay Waiting

I was waiting, for something, anything. Anna Kyle's trapped, she doesn't know where, she doesn't know why. The only thing she can here are screams and the sound of a gun.


2. The Others

Since that day, the day when the girl came in. Theres been nine more screams, eight more people. Three more girls, five boys. That makes ten of us, ten children taken hostage for no reason. Oh yeah, one more thing. He's given me a roommate, Owen. He hasn't said a word, not since the day he got here, the word he said then was simple and short. He said help. The obvious thing that everyones thinking, everyones saying. Once everyday theres been voices all screaming the same thing. Help. I haven't been participating in there screaming events as after every 'help' theres one scream, a scared 'save me' kind of scream, then the bang of a gun. Everyday there's one less scream. One less person... alive? One less person trapped in the dull grey room?

One by one they started screaming help. Its my turn to join in, they're only trying to get someone to hear them, to save them.

Owen put his hand on my shoulder, destracting me.

"Don't, don't say it, don't." he whispered.

"Why? I want to get out of here, I want to go home."

"Someone will come. But don't waste you're breath. He'll only come and kill you."

"How do you know that he's killing them, he could just be....," I thought for a moment, "Well we must be here for a reason. Maybe he shoots the gun, then takes them to their reason for being here."

"Or maybe he kills them."

Owen realised what he had said, what he had made me feel like. He had taken the only hope I had left. I'm trapped in here with Owen. Personally I prefer the non-speaking version of him.    

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