As I Lay Waiting

I was waiting, for something, anything. Anna Kyle's trapped, she doesn't know where, she doesn't know why. The only thing she can here are screams and the sound of a gun.


3. Owen

There was a quiet clashing of keys on the other side of the door. Owen moved closer to me, we clutched each other, scared.

"Ahhhhh," The man stared at us like we were cute kittens," Everything alright here. Anyone missing this?"

From behind his back the man showed us a thin slice of white bread with jam on and a small carton of apple juice. Me and Owen seperated ourselves, then sat there staring, drooling at the food. We hadn't eaten in just over a week. He had left a large bottle of water in the room when we first came in, but that had been gone for three days.

"Okay, my little people. Who's going to take this, who's going to die?"

Me and Owen stared at each other. How could anyone however evil they were. How could anyone make someone choose. Whoever lives will feel guilty, whoever dies will be well they'll be dead.

"Hurry up. My gun has one last bullet that it wants to use up right now."

The man didn't let us choose, let us say goodbye. He raised his arm making our decision himself. He aimed the gun at me. I was going to die. The man pulled back the trigger, then released it. I wasn't dead, Owen was. 

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