As I Lay Waiting

I was waiting, for something, anything. Anna Kyle's trapped, she doesn't know where, she doesn't know why. The only thing she can here are screams and the sound of a gun.


4. Bullets

"Owen?" I cried. I had only known the boy for a few days but yet I had grown to love his cute, friendly nature, his sparkling blue eyes, his messy jet black hair, I think I may have even grown to love him. Love Owen. 

"Owen, don't go. Don't leave me." I leant over his body, pushing my arms on the bleed in his chest. I need to apply pressure, I ripped of his shirt and wrapped it around his wound. There was blood everywhere, making the cold grey floor a rich red colour. His wound was deep and there was a bullet inside. I couldn't pull the bullet out as he would bleed even more, it would create even more pain.

I stood up,"Have you got anymore bullets?" I asked the man.

"Why should I help you?" He answered.

"Just give me the gun."


I leant foward and grabbed the gun out his hand. He didn't try to stop me, it was like he wanted me to shoot him. I stood over Owen already regretting what I was about to do. I pulled the trigger, aiming for his heart. A fast death would be nicer than a long slow one. I released the trigger. Owen gasped, trying to breath then his body went limp. I had killed someone. Whether for a good reason or not, I was a murderer. 

The man clapped his hands, "Well, well, well Miss Wyle. You have earnt your life."

What that meant I didn't know, all I know is that he's not going to kill me. At least not yet.

The man grabbed my hand, then kissed it whilst bowing, "You've earnt my name. I'm Finn Mokerbe and I understand that you're Anna Wyle. Well Miss Wyle, do you agree to the great challenge?"

"What do you mean?" I stuttered.

"The great challenge, you must kill eight of you're close family members anonymously. That is the great challenge my child. Succeed you live. Fail, I belive the phrase is as good as dead meat.."

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