The Funfair

This is a short descriptive story that I used for one of my early GCSE creative writing pieces (year 9). It is a sensory description of a typical British funfair, please comment, read, favourite etc. ENJOY!


1. The Funfair

Beams of sunlight dance through the shadows of the blossoming, delicate trees, swaying in the gentle breeze. The cloudless sky is the colour of azure, like a solid canvas, ready for painting the vibrant gaudy scene below.


Blurs of firetruck red, lime green and sunshine yellow whizz over the heads of the excited, eager, enthusiastic children, gaping in awe at the metal monsters. Frustrated parents search frantically in their empty pockets for spare change to please their impatient children. 


The dainty horses bob up and down on the antique carousel whilst music tinkles sweetly in time. But it is overpowered by the roars and screams of the more daring on the Slammer, as they are flung into the air, like a giant baby carelessly hurling the helpless customers.


Tempting wafts of the warm doughnuts burn the nostrils of the starving customers like a fire breathing dragon. The sugary aroma contrasts with the salty fatty hotdogs, enticing the helpless youths to waste their money on the over-priced goods.


Visitors are met by a cacophony of noises: wild laughter from trouble-making teenagers; wailing babies ; countdown announcements from the Waltzer - all competing to deafen ears.


A devastated fair haired boy bawls over the ice cream he had just dropped, asa if mourning his pet dog. Crystal clear tears stream down his red puffy face. His tough mother shoots him a warning glance as he dramatically weeps on the floor, begging for another. The boy slowly stands up, after seeing her fuming, electric, mad eyes.


As the sun sank lower into the leaden night sky, the funfair soon grew empty. Except for one man. Hollow and lifeless, his telescopic eyes scanned round the deserted field for any leftover wrappers from the day. Towering black bins loomed over the scurrying sneaky rats, stuffing their mouths with any scraps of food they could lay their ravenous eyes on.


Lonely and isolated, a sad ice cream wastes away into the grass, left behind from the excitement of the funfair....

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