In remembrance to Victoria - May 2012, Asturies:
A metaphorical story about life itself seen as the "lady Viktoria" of our dreams. Every time she comes to our life is heady and enjoyable, but also is very sporadic, hard a very short time and always expect your back.


1. To the ViKtoria of my life


You left on my like did you come

with the same stealth

with the same charm, with the same cheerfulness

and with the same anger

and you leave a reminder charming and mysterious  



I look for you in my dreams as sleepwalker

I look for you, at the aurora, in the mornings and in the afternoons

I look for you in the darkness of the night

I pray to God to look at you

and in the evenings to dream about you



since did you go abruptly

you leave my heart agonizing

in waiting to see you again



but you came back again to my

I could not talk and wanted to hold you back

and you gave me in the face with your absence and remember

and you were away and distantly

but my instinct tells me contradictorily

that these very near



I look in every street and in every road

in every pub, in every field

and also in the distance, at dawn

in the heights, in the clouds

and now I'm resigning myself to not having you

and facing life without my ViKtoria!

but that being savage I have in my

leads me to never renounce you Viktoria!

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