The masked women

A 30 year old women called Diana lives with her 11 year old daughter called Star and her other 15 year old daughter Alexa .But in there house there is a mystery lady,but this women is a ghost of a angry spirit.


1. The room

There she was standing right before me,holding a dagger to my chest "look for the room on the second floor or else" she said" what room?please dont hurt me"i said crying "a secret room on the second floor,look for it and find the book!find the book and room or else!"she said and then vanished before my eyes.I ran to my bedroom and hid under my bed,this is very unusual  for a 15 year old girl to do.Then i decided look for the room that the women had talked about,i walked to the second floor I went into a old room witch is now my room where i do my homework and other stuff in. I felt the old walls and dusty floor,then i saw a small old dusty bookcase in the corner of the room so i decided to look through it.Then i tried pulled a old dusty red book but insted of the book coming out the shelf moved and there was a tunnel behind it, i grabbed my toarch and went into the tunnel.As i went through i could see spiders and cobwebs and dust,i finally got to the end.Oh no."find the book now child find it"she said "I will i promise just give me some time"i said "you have a fortnight"she said.Then she just vanished.I ran right out of the secret room and downstairs for dinner "hello darling,whats wrong Alexa,you look like you have seen a ghost"said mum "yeah she has she looked at her own reflection"laughed Star "your sister may be pale but she is not a ghost"said mum,Star stuck her tounge out at me and i stuck mine out back at her.Star says she is jelous of me but i am jelous of her,she has long black blonde hair,bright blue eyes,lips as red as blood and cheeks like roses and i have boring black hair,brown eyes,light pink lips and im so pale that i dont have red cheeks like Star.After dinner i went to the secret room again,this time she was not there,i wonder who she is or why she is here

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