O! My Beloved

A cute propposal buy a guy to his beloved. read on to kno more


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Walking alongside the river I admire Her beauty that brings in me immense desire “how could this be  real??” my heart begins to ponder Stunned and speechless I stand and wonder Afraid and reluctant, I move  away Voices inside order me to stay Finally I decide tat its time to speak out Gathering up courage I begin to shout O beloved! Goddess of beauty Do spare time for this humble deity For ages and ages I’ve been waiting to say All that I live for,is admire you everyday! Too big an ask this might seem Forgive me if this lowers your selfesteem All I require is a life by your side Whatever you say am here to abide “u’ve blown me over with your immense love But don’t be mislead with what you see now The brightness I have is not all mine It’s the sun that gives all the shine Do reconsider whatever u’ve said Am just an ugly woman yet to be wed” In case you thought all I had was lust You have mistaken all my trust Do take me into your soul Before the sun takes its toll!!   [the moon got so moved that she took him into her and they lived happily ever after. In case you make a visit to the moon someday don’t be surprised if you find a family living there!!]  
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