The Job

Mason Parker is screwed. He's broke, living in a slum-city on the edge of revolutionary mega-metropolis Valhalla, and out of work. Just when he's completely hit the edge, he recieves a phone call asking for his detective skills to work on a case valued at £30,000,000. It's a miracle. But as the details of this job become more and more sinister, Parker realises that his life is in more danger than he thinks. The killer he seeks to catch is now trying to murder him. But then a name crops up. A whispered phrase. "The Worker". A serial killer who effortlesly assainated high-ranking police officers. Is this the killer? Or is this something darker, sacrier, worse than Mason's greatest nightmares?


3. The Pen

My pen. A name I gave, simply because I learnt how to use it when I was still young, and discovered the power and potential it had. I grew up in Valhalla, in a high-rise on the edge. But the whole life of luxury thing wasn't for me. I loved the old 2D movie discs, and had a DVD player I stole from an antique shop. The Indiana Jones movies were brilliant. I loved the whole unexpected, random thrill that life seems to throw at this bloke. It was absolutely brilliant.

But when you live in the kind of world I do, everything is just too perfect, too bloody perfect. It was just so nice. Horrible. I loathed my life. And when I saw it, the beautiful, perfect, gleaming dagger, just lying there at the bottom of a shop window, I decided that truth is beauty, I needed that beautiful daggeer more than anyone else in the whole world, and therefore it must be truth. So I took it. Simple.

When I took it home, I discovered some pretty interesting secrets. The jewel wound into the hilt has a detatchable top, and a hole at the bottom that appears to wind through the dagger. the most interesting part is that I found out it leads right to the very tip of the instrument, and finishes in a hole the size of a pinprick. I loved the whole affair, and remember promptly filling the resevoir up with water. Much to my suprise, nothing happened. Then I discovered the next great secret of the pen. I searched the entire dagger for any trace of what was stopping it, and then found another interesting secret.there was some kind of button in the handle, which was completely invisible until such a point as you apply pressure to it. A design that I have used in too many murders. I love it.

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