1. Strangers-poem



Two strangers; a boy and a girl

Became companions, bestest of all.

Nothing was wrong, everything perfect

Days passed,

Trying to exchange thoughts they exchanged their hearts.

With a rose in his hand and love in his heart, he told her that she was the one.

This is the story of two lovers.

Months passed, nothing changed.

Then the girl said ‘you’re no more my life no more in my heart’

This is how they both were apart.

Again, days passed, boy was still running in her mind.

This is when she realised, that no more she could deny.

Cutest pair on earth was no more together.

But the memories in their hearts will remain forever.

She still had hope that this isn’t the end coz he was difficult to forget.

Now she loves him even more,

His importance now she knows.

However, it’s impossible for them to be together again

Coz now they’ve become strangers again...

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