Both Sides of the Story: A Bully Breakthrough.

A story about The bully and the victim.


1. Helplessness.


I edged towards the all too familiar metal doors. Noises penetrated the metal and invaded my ears. Taking a deep breath in hopes of calming my tense body, I pushed the door open using all of my courage. At least a hundred pairs of eyes stared me down as I tentatively walked down the trapping endless corridor. I knew that I was being judged violently but I was used to the whirling accusing feelings. Rushing down the corridor while keeping my head low, I was almost home free until I ran into no-mans-land, or the posse of my tormenter of so many painful years. It was just my terrible luck to have this occur.

       “Woah, Sophey, chill! Have you got the ham like I asked?”, she smiled sweetly before snatching my bag and tearing my lunch out of it. I saw the plastic box shatter a bit, even though it was strong enough to survive 5 years of continuous use.

      “I..uh…Mia,” I started but was cut off very rudely.

      “Oh…Does her royal shyness want to say something?” A patronizing voice asked me. I vigorously shook my head and was shoved aside, successfully slamming into the lockers and hitting my head. I felt dizzy and the world was spinning. This was my horrible life everyday: the same scene, which was played on replay. I clutched my head and staggered into a corner before slinking down out of sight and hopefully out of mind.

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