Both Sides of the Story: A Bully Breakthrough.

A story about The bully and the victim.


2. Guilt.


Mia’s Point of View (POV):


I threw my head back and laughed loudly, making sure that loser Sophey could hear. I shook my head in amusement and fixed my perfect hair.

     “Did you see her pathetic face? She was crying! Boo hoo!” Amber giggled, earning another round of laughs. I looked back at Sophey and saw her stagger into a corner and sink to the ground before crying uncontrollably. I felt a pain in my chest…was this guilt I was feeling?! NO! I am too grand for that. When I slammed her into the lockers, I noticed the scars on her arms…did I cause them? I cleared my head and smiled back at the group. I heard a collected gasp behind me and I whipped around seeing Sophey stand up, her hands in fists and a determined light in her eyes , which scared me. 

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