Both Sides of the Story: A Bully Breakthrough.

A story about The bully and the victim.


3. Courage.



Sophey’s POV:

As I was crying I realized something. She couldn’t make me do this! She can’t control me! Adrenaline coursed through my veins like a raging river. All of the pain…the suffering had happened because I had let her! Where was the strong character I used to be? I was determined to get her back as I stood up and faced my tormentor, while glaring at her dead in the eye.  I was going to put an end to this and use my newly found courage. I spied my Science teacher and Head of Year, Miss Briggs. I stormed up to her, fire burning behind y eyes. I explained everything and even if I wanted to stop, I couldn’t! I was feeling so great, so empowered! She stood, listening intently at me and seemed to be as angry as I was that this even took place! A crowd gathered in the hallway and news spread like wildfire. In the peripheral vision, I saw two of my previous friends approach me, before I shut them out.

     “Did she really do that to you?” Sian spoke first, concern lighting her eyes. Emma nodded along side her. I sighed, letting out the overwhelming feeling.

    “Yes, but that’s in the past now.” I whispered, smiling from ear to ear. I felt two arms link in with mine and I realized this was like old times, when I had a good life. As I walked down the corridor, I stopped, looking at Mia.

   “I forgive you.” I said, showing her that I would rise above her. I walked down the crowded corridor, grinning as my peers parted for me as a sign of respect. And as I looked out of the window, I realized that this was the most beautiful morning that I had ever experienced.

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