The Love Of Wolves

When The Wolf Packs, 'NightShade' and 'WolfsBane' and joined together to create a more powerful secure pack, and to defend themselves against 'The Blood' Pack, Ariane Brook, Leann Carter and Kyra Matheson's already complicated lives become all that more complicated.
As the Packs join to fight off the Blood Pack, Ariane a fifteen year old wolf finds her Mate, sixteen year old Alex, the Beta of the WolfsBane pack.
Much to her surprise Human Leann, finds herself becoming the mate to Cole.
And the Secret Hybrid Kyra, finds out her mate was closer than she thought. and the soon to be Alpha. Matt Bridges.
But when lies are revealed, and everything come tumbling down What will it take to keep the three friends, and live?


1. Pack Woes


This is just a quick introduction of the story :) Enjoy!.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1:    “So, we still on for tonight?” Leann asked, looking up from her phone.  “Definitely, don’t forget your Bikini’s” Ariane joked.  “I can’t remember the last time we went round your place” her other best friend Kyra said thoughtfully, biting on her lip piercing.  “I know right, Things have just been crazy with my parents”  “Well, we’re going to have an amazing time, as always” Leann said grinning.  “Oh god! I know that Grin! Leann, what are you planning” Kyra asked in a weird voice, one far from her own.  “Nothing, just thinking” Leann said glancing up still smiling. “Oh boy” Ariane said shaking her head.  The Bell Rang “Grrrr!” Leann growled a little to loudly, catching looks from people walking to class.  “Chill Leann, it’s just English”  “its not English. it’s the 6 hours after English”  “I see your point, but hey its Friday ” Ariane said pulling them along.  When they got inside, people started at them, some in envy, most in disgust or disbelief.  “Geez people, take a damn picture” Kyra said loudly. Leann just gave them the finger as she walked by, sucking on a lollypop.  “You’d think they were used to seeing us” Ariane said shaking her head.  They walked into Mrs. J’s classroom, the younger woman stood at the front.  Her long ginger hair fell down her back, tied loosly into a braid, she wore a blue knee length dress, that fit her tiny frame well.  “Good morning Students” She cooed, the room fell into silence, and she turned from the white board she had been writing on.  “As you know, we have finished our last project, so now we are going to start a new topic, anyone got a guess?” Several hands went up, Including Kyra’s.  “Uh yes, Kyra” Mrs. J smiled warmly at her.  “Horror and creative writing” She said a smiling spreading across her lips.  “That’s right” She nodded,  “This is so up your alley” Leann said, to a still smiling Kyra.  The class time passed quickly for them, as they began researching the original horror stories, like Dracula and Frankenstein.  When lunch finally rolled around, the girls grabbed lunch and sat at there usual table at the side of the school, under an umbrella.  “I’m thinking Swimming?” Leann asked, “Certainly hot enough lately”  “Swimming, movies, popcorn, the usual” Ariane agreed.  “Oh look who it is, your little pack mates” Kyra said, making all three of them groan.  “Hello ladies” Matt, the soon to be Alpha said smirking at there annoyed expression. “And look at you Kyra, Hotter ever time”  He said, checking her out. To everyone else it looked like a joke, but it truth, he was checking her out.  Even when they were kids Kyra and Matt had always made snide comments at each other and had petty arguments.  “Bite me Bridges” She sneered sighing, putting on her Ed Hardy sunglasses.  “Don’t tempt me Matheson” he said still smirking, “But really you’ve grown up well”  A smirk spread across her deep blood red lips, as she stood up.  Kyra put a black nailed finger under his chin, lifting it to stop him checking her out, “Don’t you know Matt, Little boys that play with fire get there fingers burnt” He looked slightly surprised, which made her smirk more. “And several other places” She said quitter more to him, but she new everyone else heard. Leann and Ariane were fighting laughter.  “Down Kitty” Leann laughed,  Kyra purred making them laugh harder, before she skimmed her nail under his chin and she drew back her hand, making him shiver slightly.  “I’m going for a coke, either of you want one?” She asked leaving her bag on the chair.  “Yea” They both said, she nodded, “I’ll be back, make sure the little boys gone when I get back”  “I don’t take demands from little humans” He said purposely using her words against her.  “We’ll have to see about that Mr. Alpha” She winked walking away, over to the soda machine. “I don’t know what’s worse, that she can do that, or that she’s so believable” Leann said to Ariane, who nodded.  “Now, what can I help you with?” Ariane asked facing her pack.  “My Dad’s called a meeting, were all suppose to go straight to the pack house, after school, says it won’t take long, but its mandatory”  “What’s it about?” She asked.  “Its about the Blood Pack”  Ariane went rigid. The Blood pack, was the most dangerous pack around the area. Proablbly in the state. The blood pack wanted one thing and one thing only. Power. Which they though they could get by force, by killing and taking over other packs, making them a much bigger threat.  “Our Pack is in a lot of danger Ariane”  “I know” She said nodding,  “There worried, The Blood pack, its getting closer to our turf, this could turn into a war”.  She sighed, “Ok, I’ll be there” Kyra returned handing them both bottle’s of coke, Growling at Matt. Which made him move, surprising everyone.  He wasn’t one to back down, let alone take orders from human’s. And for him to move just because Kyra growled at him, it didn’t make sense, not even to her. But it did make her smile slyly.  “That’s what I though Little Alpha” She said slipping down into her seat, taking of her sun glasses, opening her coke and lifting it to her lips. “Don’t push me Kyra”, Kyra stopped for a minute, the coke half way to her mouth stopped.  “Did you just call me Kyra?” She looked at him, “What no, Matheson, Mortica, Queen Scene, no stupid pig headed comments?” She looked thoughtful. “Your losing your touch”. “What just because I didn’t insult you and called you by your name?” he asked sounding confused.  “I don’t even remember the last… You know what never mind. Doesn’t matter” She said taking a sip of her coke. “Hey, I uh.. I’m going to go see Ms. Henning’s”.  “Ok, want us to come?”  “Nah, It’s not that important, and anyway, you look pre-occupied. I’ll see you later” She picked up her bag, slipping on her sunglasses and taking her coke.  “See you later” They said together.  Kyra flashed them a small smile before walking towards the school.  “That was weird. Even for Ky” Leann said starting after her.  “She didn’t even leave, with a parting insult” Matt said, also weirded out by her sudden leaving.  “We got to go, but make sure your at the house after school” Mara, an eighteen year old said, with long blonde hair, and olive skin.  “Will do”  “Meet me in the parking lot, I’ve got to pick up my stuff” Her older brother Michael said.  “Ok, See you after school” She said giving them a small wave, as they walked away.  “I’ve never seen them act that nice to us” Leann said, “ well with the exception of Mickey” “I know, that was weird, and the whole thing with Kyra. I’ve never seen her tease him like that, and he even backed off when she growled at him. So not like them. Everyone’s just out of character today” Ariane said.  “Got that right Princess” Leann said sighing.  The Bell Rang shortly after.  “To Bio We go!”  “That rhymed my dearest Ari” Leann said amused.  “I know my dearest Leann” She said back going to her locker.  Once she opened it, she toke out her Biology book, and they walked off towards Mr. Kipling’s class.  
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