Every girl has that one boy who means everything to her, even if he doesn't feel the same about her she still sits there everyday thinking about him. This is a short poem to try and portray to any boys out there reading this just what goes on in a girls mind when she thinks about him.


1. Him.

His hair, his clothes, his eyes, his smile.

Oh how I love his smile,

I love the way that he styles his hair,

And the clothes that he wears,

And his eyes, when they look into mine,

I melt like an ice cream on a hot summers day.

Yes, I am talking about him,

That boy I'm always thinking about,

That boy I'm always so nervous to talk to incase I screw up!

I wonder if he feels the same,

Or even notices me.


I guess not,

He's probably focused on the prettier, smarter girls,

You know the ones that seem to be perfect,

Have a perfect life,

Have perfect looks,

I bet they want him too,

Considering he's perfect, just like them.


When I see him, I can't help but stare,

When I speak to him, my heart pounds!

But then I soon say something stupid or weird,

So then I just have to walk away looking and feeling like an idiot.

I can't help it,

I mean, have you seen him?

There's no way he'd want to be with me anyway,

There's no way I'm good enough for him.


But who knows,

Maybe he does notice me?

Maybe he thinks its funny how I always make a fool of myself,

Maybe he feels the same for me, as I feel for him.

Maybe, just maybe.


And maybe one day he'll realise,

That him and me,

We are meant to be.

Or maybe I will just continue to wish,

And wonder,

What it would be like,

You know, to be his girl.


But I guess I'll just have to wait and see,

If he really wants to be with me,

The way I want to be with him.

Until then, I will just have to dream,

Dream about him.

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