Random Poetry Shizzle


1. First Attempt.

Okay, so I've never written poetry before and I decided to have a go at it. I understand this is quite depressing, but it's about feeling trapped and scared but no one being there for you.

I've experienced this myself, and am still currently undergoing the experience, which is why I tried to write about it. Write about what you know, right? So leave a comment below on what you think :)

P.S. I will probably put some info in front of all the poetry so people don't think I'm mad. Also not everything will be this depressing or rhyme. :P



Panic building,

My hands are shaking.

I can't breathe,

I'm suffocating.


The walls close in, 

And the air thins out.

I start to cry

But I want to shout.


I need your help,

I'm not okay,

But you can't see through

The part I play.


Then I smile once more,

And replace my mask.

I pretend I'm fine,

And you never ask.


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