Love and lost

A girl called Rochelle has a boyfriend called Thomas,they were the perfect couple but Thomas was the jelous type and very bad tempered.She loved him in till things got out of hand.


1. The perfect match

"hi babe how was football practice?" i said "good how was cheerleader tryouts"said Thomas "I was rubbish!"i said BRING BRING!"gotta get to social studies see you later"said Thomas.Thomas is my boyfriend we have been dating for a  two months,we had our first kiss and dance.I walked to  history class and sat by my best friends Ali and Charlotte "hi Ali, hi Charlotte"i said happily "Hi Rochelle, this is Roseanne she is new here,we are going to show her around"said Ali "so Roseanne, tell us about you,you dating anyone,do you have any brothers or sisters?"said Charlotte "well i was dating this jerk two months ago called Thomas Wilson,he was a really big jerk!"said Roseanne "Wait did he have black hair,blue eyes and two younger sisters called Anna and Mable?" i said "yeah,how do you know him?"she said curiously "i am dating him"i said "well be careful,he used to hit me and slap me and yell at me so i broke up with him"she said "but he has changed"i said unsure.


After school Thomas came over my house when my parents were out,we went to study up in my bedroom"so where is you text book?"i said "i forgot it can i share yours"said Thomas "sure"i said.After a while we started goofing around and telling jokes"how do frogs die?" i said "dunno"said Thomas "they Kermit suicide!"i said laughing "good one"he said.Then our eyes met and we started to kiss and kiss and kiss.................

Then mum and dad came back and Thomas left "you look happy Rochelle,why is you hair so messy?"she said curiously "oh i had a shower and my hair went frizzy from the blow dryer"i lied,we had made out and that led to something more serious."but you look like you have been tossing and turning"said dad "i had a nap after i went in the shower"i lied again.I was not planing on telling them what happened,what teen would?

The next week i felt funny,my tummy was jiggly and it felt odd.To be sure i went to my local chemist and got a pregnancy test and i went back to test it."oh no"i said shocked "its got to be wrong"i said. I did four more tests all were positive.I am pregnant! i did not want to be,but at the same time i felt excited and worried.what would mum say? what would Thomas think ?would he dump me cause he did not want to be a dad?

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