Love and lost

A girl called Rochelle has a boyfriend called Thomas,they were the perfect couple but Thomas was the jelous type and very bad tempered.She loved him in till things got out of hand.


2. Telling Thomas

The next day i went to school and i had algebra with Thomas and Ali."So Rochelle,what is C X 12 X 5?Rochelle,Rochelle! Are you listening?"said Ali "No.Yes! I mean,urgg,look sorry i'm just distracted today"i said "You okay,you don't look so good"said Thomas "Yeah i am fine,Thomas can i talk to you,after lunch" i said "Sure.Why,whats wrong?" said Thomas "i will tell you at lunch okay"i said.After Algebra i had English then lunch.I had a craving for peanut butter, so i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.Then i met Thomas on the end of the field,nobody goes up there unless they are having privet chats."So what you want to talk about?"said Thomas "You know......the other day at my house"i said "Yeah,why,you worried i did not enjoy it?"he said unsure "No.Not at all its just............. i am" i said "no you cant be.You're pregnant!You sure did you take a test?"he said interrupting me "Yes!I took four!"i said.

I got sent home from school cause i felt sick,but i was not sick,i was pregnant! When i got home mum and dad were still at work so i decided to have a nap,but i could not get to sleep so i just sat and worked on my prom dress,i was making it myself because i could not find one that i liked in the shops.I was so excited for prom,my date was Thomas,everyone had dates like Ali was going with Seth and Charlotte was going with Bobby BUZZ BUZZ!! Charlotte had text me ~Hi,u commin shoppin;)~ ~Yeh meet me at my house,we will go to Top shop cause Ali works thr and we will get a discount:)~ i texted back ~sure,c u in 10~she text back.I waited for Charlotte downstairs in the kitchen,i started to think about me being a mum and how i would cope with a baby,i was graduating in two months and moving out in three months so i could buy a flat with two rooms one for me and one for the baby.I went of into a day dream about  my wedding and the baby and my new flat BANG BANG!I snapped out of my daydream and answered the door "hi Charlotte!"i said "hey,so you ready?"she asked "can we stay here insted? i got some big news"i said "sure"she replied,we went inside and sat in the living room on my red leather sofa "so whats the news?"asked Charlotte "im pregnant"i mumbbled "what!who is the father?"she asked "Thomas"i replied,then we went into a long conversation about babys,baby clothes,baby names and loads of other stuff "so what you gonna call it if its a boy?"asked Charlotte "Liam and if its a girl im gonna call her Quinn,but i really hope they get my Black curly hair,Thomas's emrald green eyes,my nose and Thomas's perfect shaped lips"i said BUZZ BUZZ!Charlottes phone started buzzing cause she had a text "oh no"she said shocked "what?" i asked......

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