A collection of poems expressing feelings. Emotions of freedom and fear.

Please Read and rate as i am not sure if they are good or not :)


1. One Last Dance

Help me dance this dance so well,

The dance of heaven, the dance of hell,

Help me dance to destroy the shell,

The one that hides my truth so well.


Help me to dance and capture the pulse,

To capture the truth and capture the false,

Dance with me, Dance with me, feel the beat

Of my heart as it tries to keep up with my feet.


Help me to dance and get rid of the pain,

The pain that keeps me forever restrained,

Dance with me, dance with me, help me to see,

I don't have to close my eyes just to be free.


Help me to dance and feel alive,

To be happy and jolly and know i can thrive,

With my feet that carry me up to the stage,

And in my life I turn another page.


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