Cherry Blossom Garden

The idea for this story all started off when my brother, dad, and I went for a walk around the garden of a Japanese restaurant in Purley, South London. The beautiful garden inspired me to write a story about it, so when I got home I started to plan the story. I used certain aspects of the garden, e.g 'The Seven Sisters', but I made it more extravagant with the Willow and Witches tree.




2. The Beautiful Garden

The garden of the restaurant is what you would expect from a fairytale fantasy. Drifting on for miles and miles, it is not just a garden, but my childhood, somewhere I can escape to when reality overwhelms me. When i was a toddler, it was where I learnt to walk. When I was a young child, it was where I had my few birthday parties and where I learnt to ride a bike. I used to hate locals walking around what seemed to be my garden, but now I have grown to let people enjoy it.

It looks as if spring has come early. The flowers are all blossoming perfectly, especially the Cherry Blossoms. Spring is my favourite season, after all 'Haruko' means "Spring child". 

At the front there is a bridge with intricate engravings quoting '家族は - 誰も後ろに残っていないさ' which means 'family - no one gets left behind'. Underneath the bridge flows a silky, powder blue river, outlining the garden and forming into a lake near the back of the garden, hidden beneath the twisted haunted trees - the only place of the garden that i do not like to wander alone. In the middle are seven hills of equal sizes and distances, named 'The Seven Sisters'. To the left is a towering willow tree, shading a humble bench, in the memory of my great great great grandmother Ketain. Behind the bench is a hole in the willow tree where the little white rabbits like to nest and hide. To the right lays ''The Witches Tree". It is almost certainly one of the weirdest, most unusual surreal trees you will ever see. It's knobbly trunk breaks out into random twisting branches ending up with dainty leaves, swaying in the gentle breeze. Now and then I like to climb and sit on the branches with Midnight, as you get a fairly good view of the garden. But you needn't worry about a painful fall, as the floor is coated with thousands of golden brown leaves, trod on so many times they are smooth enough to have a good night's sleep on.

I walked round the willow tree, and as I looked into the rabbit's hole, I discovered a hard slate-grey envelope wedged in the gap. Carefully, I took the envelope and read it;


"For Haruko Tomita,

Not to be opened until

your 14th birthday"


But that's today......

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