Cherry Blossom Garden

The idea for this story all started off when my brother, dad, and I went for a walk around the garden of a Japanese restaurant in Purley, South London. The beautiful garden inspired me to write a story about it, so when I got home I started to plan the story. I used certain aspects of the garden, e.g 'The Seven Sisters', but I made it more extravagant with the Willow and Witches tree.




3. A Suspicious Envelope

Suddenly, I thought twice.  What if it was something bad? But the voice inside my head telling me to open it was growing louder. I quickly but carefully opened the envelope and slid the contents out into my hands. Out came an old battered book and a silver necklace with a re-occuring emerald  eye on the chain. The book had the title '1 step closer..' embellished in gold writing. But 1 step closer to what?I opened the book to the first page, it was blank.    And the next.     Blank. I flicked through all the blank pages until I reached the last one. There were instructions and a small drawstring bag filled with tea leaves. 

The instructions read:


'Make a cup of tea for yourself with these tea leaves,

Drink the tea,

What's left of the tea leaves will reveal

Where you must next go to in order to

Reach your chosen destination....'


My chosen destination? I didn't know what was going on, let alone choosing a destination! Then I noticed a little note at the bottom of the page:


'You must memorize these words:

"O' Spirits come,

O' Spirits come,

Disaster in the Tomita family has just begun.

I need your wisdom,

I need your power,

For I am a Tomita in the season of flower." '


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