The way he walked.

"The way he walked. Recongnisably he had a strange lean to left, his pace slowing and quickening in a matter of wasnt right"

Tamara sees a typical Weymouth local one sunday afternoon coming back from the shops and thinks no more of it. But as life takes her over the roughest bumps and turns for the worst Tamara is forced to think.Very hard.Because one strangely familiar walk of a man, takes her on a very unfamiliar walk of life...


1. Before

The plastic handle of the carrier bag was starting to stretch, and Tamara knew it would only be a matter of time before it snapped. This was the second pizza she had gone and bought as she had completely cremated the first one her mum gave her. Tamara was not in the mood. Skies greyed above her head as the sun set behind them. There was a musky damp aroma filling the air like water puring into a bathtub. It captured every small space. Her Mum had gone out for dinner with Dad again, and she was left to look after Thomas her younger brother. Being eight years old Thomas acted as if everything was the best or funniest thing ever which normally resulted in a strict warnig from Mr Westock, the father of the two. His words only this morning were

" Now Thomas, you know you shouldnt be doing that now should you? C'mon be a good boy now please,"  

They always had babied him compared to her, Tamara thought. He didnt even get a punishment! The youngster had been dressing up the family pet, Betty, a springer and cocker spaniel mixture. Or to the Westock household, a mutt.

Tamara smirked a little at the sight of betty in her mothers pink bath robe as she continued to walk the alleyway. The smirk soon dissapeared as the handle finally snapped fro the weight of two pizzas, a DVD, and some yoghurt all of which spilled out onto the pavement. Sighing she piled it all back to the torn plastic remains and struggled up the stash craddled in her arms. It was then when she noticed. Tamaras eyes grew wider as she gazed. The floor could have opened up and swallowed her right then and she wouldnt have realised, because she was fixed. Fixed in a gaze at the man walking in front of her, a reasonable twelve metres in front perhaps. She knew him but from where? His twitchy limp itched her mind, Tamara was sure she knew him but really she only recongised the mans walk not his appearance. Who was he ?

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