Desperation by Chris Barraclough, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, 27,000 words

An isolated island, a community that thinks it's alone in the world...

Until a stranger appears, bringing tragedy and violence.

The tale is told by three very different characters, revealing the mystery a piece at a time as a terrible storm brews and the tension escalates...

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7. Kerisan - VII


The waves appeared to be growing in strength and size as they advanced up the beach. Now they were crashing home just thirty paces from the huts, the closest they had ever come, with no signs that they would stop any time soon. Kerisan hurried back to Pon’s hut, checking that his knife was still secure in his belt.

            “What’s wrong?” Pon asked as he passed her, but his answer was to grab her arm and drag her along. “Kerisan!”

            “Just follow me, damn it!” He kept pace and Pon, Richos, Eva and Fenn all hurried a step behind.

            “What are you doing?” Eva asked, but he didn’t turn, didn’t reply.

            Outside the pen, Mathus was now stood before a group of villagers. They appeared to be arguing, their voices raised yet still barely audible over the wail of the wind and the destruction that the waves wrought on the shore. Kerisan squinted their way, curious to the cause until his focus shifted to the gate of the pen.

            “No! Tell me he hasn’t…”

            Kerisan broke into a sprint, the others close at his heels. At the sight of his approach, Mathus fell silent and staggered back. The rest of the huddle broke apart and made room so the fishers could push inside the cage, their voices a blur to Kerisan as he wound through the anxious pigs. Pigs, but no stranger. Just an empty corner where the man had been trussed.

            Kerisan threw back his head and roared, and the pigs joined in, their grunts and cries startling the gathering outside. He stormed through them and grabbed Mathus by his shoulders and pulled him so their faces were a breath apart.

            “Where is he! What did you do!”

            “I was just gone a moment, and when I came back the gate was open! I’m sorry, I didn’t see! He must have ran into the trees again, he probably isn’t far.”

            “Liar! You let him go, didn’t you?”

            “Kerisan,” Pon said at his side, but he brushed her off with a glare.

            “If anyone else dies, it’s on your conscience, you bastard.” Kerisan threw the carpenter to the sand where he rolled and shuddered onto his back then scrambled away, his limbs thrashing like a wounded animal.

            That was when Kerisan saw it. His lips parted, his mouth suddenly dry. He staggered forward and his hand fell on the hilt of his knife.



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