Paper boy

Sophie is the rich girl, posh house private school. Brad is the poor boy, who delivers papers to help provide extra money for his family. What happens when there paths cross?


5. Love at first sight?

I slammed open the front door and ran out the best I could in my flip flops. The boy was still lying there, hands on his leg and eyes screwed up in pain. When he heard the door slam he looked up and our eyes connected once again. After a minute of staring I snapped out of it and ran over. "Are you ok? Are you hurt too badly? What happened? What's your name? I'm Sophie, it's nice to meet you!" My words flooded out my mouth in a flurry, and when I finished I covered my mouth with my hand while looking at him guilty. The boy let out a weak laugh, and propped himself up on his elbow to face me. "I'm Brad," he replied, "and it's nice to meet you too Sophie. Umm, I skidded on the gravel and my leg hurts. Don't worry about it, I've had worse." he smiled crookedly at me, making my heart flutter and a thousand butterflies filled my stomach.
"Do you want me to, like, bandage up your leg or something?" I enquired, while frantically smoothing my hair back. In my rush to help Brad I hadn't done anytime to my hair, so it was still in a messy fishtail plait from last night.
"Umm yes please, and please don't worry about you hair. You look beautiful." My cheeks went scarlet at this comment, so I pressed my hands to my cheeks. He laughed at me, so I shyly smiled back, and got out a bandage. I moved round to his bad leg, and lifted up his jeans. He had scraped off a bit of skin, but it was nothing serious. I gently wrapped the bandage round it, the whiteness standing out strangely against his tanned skin.
"Done," I proclaimed, "it's all better." He laughed and I giggled, our voices perfectly in tune. Slowly he leaned forward, and I felt his warm breath in my ear. "I know what will really make it better," he murmured, "how about you kiss it better?"
My eyes went wide, but I obidiently lent in and brushed my lips against his leg. I felt sparks, and I'm pretty sure he did too, because we both looked at each over. After (another!) few moments of awkwardly staring at him I got up. "I'm sorry," I murmured, "I really better get in before everyone starts to worry about me." I gave him a sad smile, and began to walk away. Just as I was about to go in the front door I heard him shout "WAIT!"
I turned and looked round, and Brad was standing there blushing. "Urrr...umm...can I have your number please Sophie?" He stuttered, while looking at his beaten-up Vans. I laughed at his embarrassment, and I thanked my lucky stars that I had put my phone in my dressing gown pocket. We exchanged numbers, and he got on his bike. "Bye Sophie," he said, and smiled, before riding away on his bike. I waved the whole time he was cycling away, and even after he was out of sight, I just stood there, smiling. Finally, I went back in the house in a happy daze. It was only then I realised something.
After all that he had forgotten to give us the paper.
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