Paper boy

Sophie is the rich girl, posh house private school. Brad is the poor boy, who delivers papers to help provide extra money for his family. What happens when there paths cross?


3. Home life

After the first few days things settled down again and I went back to my home routine. I would wake up at eight, when my dad left, have a shower and get dressed, and eat my breakfast around 8:30. Then I would maybe read or watch TV, or maybe play with Fluff. Then I would go out on my horse (Belle, a beautiful gray mare) and then have lunch. After that I would read, play with my hair,anything to kill time. At 6:30 it was dinner; I would eat alone at the end of the great table. I barely talked all day, the servants ignored me and even Nana was busy lots of the time.
One morning, a few days into the start of the holiday, I woke up early for no apparent reason (although it may have something to do with the fact I'd forgotten to close my curtains!) Yawning, I walked over to the window and looked outside. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies and the sun streaming down on the grass. My room was on the front of the house, so I could see the gravel driveway winding off into the distance. I stared up at the sky, wondering if I would see Steph's plane - she was leaving for Barbados this morning.
Something distracted me from the sky, however. I heard the sound of wheels over gravel. Looking down I saw a boy riding an old rusty bike, and over his shoulder was a bag. He got off his bike, gently laid it downs on the gravel, and walked up to the front door. What was he going to do? Would he come in?
However he didn't do any of these things. He took off his bag and took out a paper, and then he posted that paper through the door. I watched enchanted as he did this, that must be how the paper always appears for Dad every morning! The boy turned and walked back to his bike, but at the last minute he turned around and looked up at me. He stared straight at me, and I got lost in his blue-green eyes. After what seemed like an age of staring I waved and drew my curtains. I did some Yoga breathing (which my Mum had taught me) to calm myself down. Something about that boy made my heart speed up, and I didn't like it.
I peeped out of the little crack I had left in my curtains just in time to see hm cycle away. I looked at the time - 7:05. Time for a little bit more sleep, I thought to myself, so I got back in bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, and in my sleep for that matter, all I could think of was the boy. Somehow I knew I needed to see him again...
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