Paper boy

Sophie is the rich girl, posh house private school. Brad is the poor boy, who delivers papers to help provide extra money for his family. What happens when there paths cross?


2. Back at home

A few minutes into the journey I fell asleep, so all to soon I was back at home. It's not that I don't love my parents, it's just that sometimes its like they don't understand me. My dad is always away with work, and when he's here all he wants to do is watch football and sleep. Every time I suggest that we do something he says that he's busy, and that we can do it later. The time 'later' never seems to come however. My mum is worse in a way, she always wants me to do stuff with her, normally beauty pageants and shopping sprees. She never seems to want me to be there for company, she wants me as an accessory. She used to be a famous model, so that might have something to do with it.
When I was home there was no family waiting for me. There was Nana though, and my dog Fluff. Nana was my nursery maid when I was young, and she is like a grandma to me. "Nana!" I screamed and ran into her open arms. "Sophie I'm so glad your back!" she exclaimed, "and my, look how you've grown!" I smiled, Nana was just the same as always. "Anyways, why don't you come in and have your tea? It's getting late, and you must be tired from your journey!"
"What are we having?" I inquired.
"Lasagne," she replied, "your favourite!" Witht that she lead me in.
I was back home, and not very happy about it...
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