Its about a teenage girl's life as she goes through trauma, heartbreak and family problems.


4. Chapter 4


Its official – Jacky and Tony are now a part of our family!! Of course mum said yes, even though they’d only been dating for a few months, we have known Jacky forever, way before I started Greybridge. Mum and Tony grew up together in the same town. We have started looking at places together. Tony had been saving every spare penny he had for about the ten years for Jacky’s future, but she has made him agree to spend it on a new house for us to live in together. How much better can this get? Tony was like a second dad already, but my best friend is now my sister! Bridget came round one weekend after the January term started for a special celebratory sleepover – and our last sleepover in the flat. It was a perfect night. We did all our traditional make-over’s and mud packs and then we decided to make a Victoria sponge cake. B loves cooking so we did quite well. We also took turns in piping white icing on it, and finished it off by writing ♥ Paula + Tony ♥ in red on the top. We presented it to them the next morning. They had slept in my room so B, Jacky and I had shared the sofas. We watched the new Twilight Saga film whilst scoffing toffee popcorn, ice cream and chocolate. They both went through some Grease lines with me and I choreographed a dance to ‘You’re The One That I Want’ for them to follow. It was a great laugh (especially because everyone knows Jacky has two left feet and has no idea about rhythm). We finally fell asleep at about 2am, a little while after mum and Tony came home. We woke up around lunchtime the next day to find Tony making us some pancakes with syrup. Mum was already at work. He thanked us for the cake and we all (including Tony) had breakfast snuggled up in blankets and sleeping bags on the sofa watching TV.


  It was such a good end to the day before and a good start to that day, that I completely forgot what day it was. After Bridget got picked up (her horrible ‘Aunt’ looked filthily down her nose at us as usual; she did not approve of mum’s decision. “Didn’t your last husband only die a year ago?” Bridget looked at me apologetically as Tony pushed Julie out into the corridor where B was waiting and shut the door as politely as he could, considering how frustrated and upset he could see mum was). Jacky and Tony stayed in the flat whilst mum and I caught the bus to the little church just outside the main high street. We stopped at the florist on the way there. We walked in silence to a small marble epitaph; engraved in it said ‘Jack Littlewood, lived till the age of 38. Much loved by all his friends and family.’ I placed the flowers in the small orange vase that we bought especially for dad’s grave and removed the old holly wreath that we had put there just before Christmas. I don’t know how long we stayed there. It must have been a while, but when I was there time didn’t matter anymore. Mum put her arm round my shoulders as if she could read my mind. We came back to flat, a lot more melancholy then we were earlier. Luckily, Tony and Jac had been busy whilst we were out putting together a picnic. So for a sort of lunch/dinner we had a lovely picnic in the park – right underneath the old oak tree. I loved coming here because dad always used to climb it with me and we would sit high in the strong branches looking over the rest of the green and the play park. It was a really nice picnic. We had ham and cheese sandwiches; a big salad to share between the four of us; two big packs of cheesy Doritos and some slices of the cake we’d made. It turned out to be a great day, reminiscing some sad and also happy memories, but creating some new ones too; it was our first proper family day out (not including the dinner we had at an Italian cuisine in town the night after Tony proposed). That coming week we were to go house hunting. I was going to love living with Jacky and Tony. But don’t get me wrong – no one could EVER replace dad.


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