Its about a teenage girl's life as she goes through trauma, heartbreak and family problems.


3. Chapter 3


Soon the big day came that we had all been waiting for – Christmas! Mum came and woke me up at around 9am on Christmas morning with some presents. She laid them at the end of my bed and gently shook me.

“Darling...October, wakey wakey, its Christmas now honey.”

I slowly stirred and opened my eyes. I smiled at mum and reached to her for a hug.

“Merry Christmas baby,” she talked into my shoulder.

I reached for the first of the presents; three big bars of my favourite Cadburys’ chocolate. Then I opened a pale green jumper, a new pair of jeans with little denim knee patches, some socks with cute little Santa motifs on them, a CD of my favourite girl band and a shiny, blue notebook with a glittery, matching blue gel pen. Then there was a box left that mum had saved behind her back and put on my bed after I’d opened all the other ones. I took the box and carefully unpeeled the gold wrapping paper; it must be something special because she’s saved it till last. I glanced up at mum’s face and I could see her bursting with excitement and anticipation.

“Oh come on, open it!” she was grinning.

I continued to slowly open the wrapping paper, slightly confused, and slid a black box out of the paper. I opened the box to find a brand new touch screen mobile phone – it was all wrapped up in polystyrene and everything! I couldn’t believe mum had bought it for me! I jumped off my bed and wrapped my arms around her tightly and didn’t let go.

“Do you like it then?” she asked.

I LOVED it. I almost cried at the thought of mum saving up all her spare money for months to buy me this. Jacky would be SO jealous of me. That put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

  We went to meet Jacky and her dad at the Crown for drinks and a roast dinner. Jacky was showing me her new boots that cost a fortune from a big department store in London, and Tony had a DVD of some famous comedian from mum. Then Tony drove us up to the lake a few miles away in a nicer part of town. We were walking round and we stopped at me favourite bit of the whole entire place; the water fall. It was a beautiful view; the gentle water cascading down the rocks, the small lake and river it lead into was almost frozen, it was so chilly. Snowflakes started to fall from the clear white sky. It was a perfect setting. No one else was around. Then Tony said it was time to give mum his present.

He knelt down on one knee and pulled out a small, navy velvet covered box from his coat pocket.

I gasped. Jacky smiled at me. I couldn’t see mum’s face, but I knew she would be looking amazed, very happy and maybe a little confused.

Tony opened the box and looked mum directly in the eye.

“........Will you marry me?”

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