Its about a teenage girl's life as she goes through trauma, heartbreak and family problems.


2. Chapter 2


The next few weeks went on as normal, ordinary school, didn’t notice much about the new boy, visiting the park (a bit less seeing as its starting to get colder now); just the usual. Then the week before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, Miss Thompson (Head of Drama at Greybridge), held the auditions for Grease. I was soooo nervous. Jacky came with me for support and B texted me, wishing me luck. I denied being a bit frightened but Jacky could see the confidence was fake; she knows me now too well.

  At the auditions, not only did we have to sing and act out a scene in front of Miss Thompson, but also the Head of music, two more music and drama teachers, the Head teacher and whoever else came with us was able to sit in the theatre and watch us on stage. My heart beat so fast, I swear it felt like it was pumping right out of my chest. My voice started off hardly more than a whisper but I grew more confident the more I got into it. I thought about how Rizzo would’ve felt; the whole school gossiping about her being pregnant, calling her names, saying she was trashy. I put my heart and soul into that performance trying to get under her skin and feel what it was really like. Overall I think it went quite well. There were no slip-ups and Jacky, B and mum all say my voice is above average so I think I have a good chance, but I don’t want to jinx it. Obviously Daizy was there and I heard from her whole clan that went to watch her that she was “amazing” and “a born actress”. “She will be as famous and rich as Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz put together”, one of her mates reckons. We would find out the castings on Thursday so we would have time to pick up the scripts and then practice over the Christmas holidays.


   That Thursday I arrived at school extra early with a very tired, grumpy Jacky who didn’t very much like to have been woken up earlier than usual. I went straight to the billboard by the school office. Predictably, Daizy had beaten me to it. Me and Jacky stood watching them flap at her saying that teachers don’t know anything, and they will see when you make millions in Hollywood, etc., etc.. I couldn’t believe my ears! Did this mean Daizy hadn’t got a part??? I had to see for myself. I politely coughed and said “Excuse me,” to one of Daizy’s friends. She looked me up and down with icy cold eyes as if she was shooting daggers at me. The whole group silenced and glared at me.

“Congratulations,” Daizy sarcastically spat out at me. “You got the best part – the only one I wanted!”

I gaped in horror, shock and also amusement. “Oh, too bad; I’m guessing your audition didn’t go as well as you thought it had,” Jacky innocently smiled at her.

Daizy screwed up her face in a horrible pout, like a 3-year-old about to start having a tantrum, and stormed off with her ‘friends’ quickly following behind, still darting me evil looks.

“Well done!” Jacky properly congratulated me. “I knew you did well,” she smiled.

I was still too stunned to talk.


Everybody carried on saying stuff like ‘well done’, ‘I never knew you could act!’ and ‘I can’t believe you got the part, what did Daizy say?’ all day. I kind of liked the attention. It was a bit like being a mini-celebrity for the day. At lunch Myles saw me in the canteen and came to say well done. He also made a few jokes about how mad Daizy was at me and how could I out-act her majesty?! Jacky is right he is hilarious. Daizy walked past Jacky and I talking to Myles and muttered “Jeez, don’t wet your pants, he isn’t even funny,” and pulled a face like sour milk. All we could do at that is laugh even more.


   So, all in all, a good start to the Christmas holidays, even though I can guarantee that Daizy will be after me when term starts again in the new year, but time to forget about her for now, at least for a couple of weeks. Jacky and B came round to the flat yesterday to help put up our tree whilst mum went out with Tony down the Crown, our local pub. Our tree is a fake white one that we made looked all Christmassy by dressing it in red tinsel, baubles and blue fairy lights. Well, to be fair Bridget did most of it although I did do some, Jacky stood about directing us where to put stuff for about ten minutes then sat on the sofa on Facebook on mum’s laptop for the next hour. Then they slept over that night and we sat up doing each other’s hair and make-up and talking about what we wanted for Christmas. It was a nice, rather quieter than normal and we were sound asleep by 11:50pm.

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