Scarlett is the teenage princess of the Atlantic Sea. She is forced to stay on land in America to stay safe, as the Atlantic Ocean is in war with the Pacific. She finds her new school tough as she faces bullies, troubles, and her first love.


2. I attack the boy with the board - who seems to be an idiot (CH2)

I slammed our front door shut, full of tears. It's been the first time I've cried since my mother's death. I sprint up the stairs of our beach house and whizz into my room. Humans can be so mean! I jump onto my pink double bed and hide my face in a plush, frilly, white cushion. Now I can cry all I want. Some knocks on my door softy.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Dad says gently. I don't reply, as I can't control the muscles of my jaw. The door creaks open brushing against the pearl white carpet. "Honey, what happened?" I hear dad's patient footsteps as he walks in and sits on my bed stroking the hair out of my face. "Were the humans mean to you?" I nod silently through small sobs. "What did they do?" He says calmly.

I turn my head around to face him. I breathe in the air deeply, which immediately makes me calm down a little. "..They... made fun... of me... and... my hair- They threw stuff... at me... and... called me names..."

"Shh- shhhh... it's okay... I think you're beautiful just the way you are. Those people are only jealous of you and your hair."

"How... can a boy... be jealous... of long... thick... red.. hair?" I had a point. What boy would want long thick hair? Seriously.

"It was a boy?" Dad says in confusion. I nod in response. "Well, I don't know what that boy's problem is but he is obviously plain stupid and blind". I smile in his remark. I don't think I could have a better dad. He's like a mum and dad combined into one. I sit up straight and give dad a super tight hug.

"Thanks, Dad" I say in a smile.

"Now how about you go for a surf? The waves look big." He takes off my beanie hat and ruffles my hair.

"Can you come?" I ask with hope. I'm not sure if I want to go on my own, even though I'd be perfectly safe, unless I go into deeper waters where the war is going on, or if a human see's my true form. The only way for me to prevent myself from becoming a human fish is by wearing a wetsuit, if I don't I'd be immediately transformed from the first touch of salt water. In spring water no effects come on me, strangely. Each and everyone of our kind feel blessed from the power of wetsuits. In the old days people used to call us 'Mermaids' or 'Mermen' and could give a price if they could catch us, dead or alive. Some of us got so sick of the humans trying to catch us that they took the action for revenge, humans then named us 'Sirens'. Since humans took our lives, we decided to take their lives by luring them into the sea with our beauty and talent of song. We don't do that that often now. What we look like now is basically a pale green human with gills and a long fishy tail.

"No, sorry I can't. I have to return to the palace for a while and sort some things out." His voice sounds almost kind of painful like he's hurting inside, "But, I can walk you to the beach", he smiles and holds my hand. He then pats my knee, I wince in pain from this morning.

"Did someone hurt you?" He says seriously, glaring into my eyes.

"No, I fell when I was running after the bus this morning", I say, avoiding eye contact.

"The sea will heal you up and regain your strength back", he pats my knee one more time and heads out the door.




The beach is cold, but sunny. The wind brushes my hair back and the silky sand sinks my feet below.

The beach is right beside the town, the town does grow bigger as you go deeper, almost like a city. I now live on the suburbs of it, beside the beach where there is a long street of modern beach houses. The house did cost a lot, but because we are royal we're able to afford it finely.

My dad has already gone underwater to the Kingdom, and has left me here to be free for a few hours. I run towards the grey sea at full speed, the cold water hits my feet, sparkling in splashes. Dad was right, the waves are big, perfect actually. I dive in throwing myself into the wall of waves. I'm in shock with the coldness, but it feels brilliant to back in my waters.

I've never felt more free as I'm flowing with the water and the waves. I straighten my wobbly legs until I'm fully upright and standing. The wind is blowing against my face and my adrenalin is racing as fast as my pulse. I'm flying, soaring.

My board is hitting over the edge of the wave just as I see a dark shape pop below me. I lose my balance and tumble over. The wave sucks me in and I'm throttling around like I'm being chewed by a dog. I turn upside down, or at least I think I'm upside down? My board lands on top of me and I'm stuck. It's too heavy. I try to push it off with all my strength. Although I'm princess of the Atlantic Ocean I can't breathe underwater with the wetsuit on for a long time, when I'm in my 'fish' form I can, as it's natural for me to breathe under the sea.

I manage to shift the board across my body to the side. I sit up realizing I've been washed close up to the shore. I flip my hair back and wiping the salt out of my stinging sore eyes. I breathe in a gulp of air frantically, trying to catch my breath. My lungs feel like hard stone being squashed to pulp. Soon enough I'm coughing hysterically, hugging myself.

In mid-cough a head pops up from the water. I scream while falling over onto my back.

"Oh jeez sorry!" The head says, dripping wet. A boy sits up climbing onto his surf board. "Hey, what are you staring at me like that for?" I realize that I'm staring at him wide eyed, quite freakishly.

"Oh, I- um.." I'm completely tongue-tied, what's wrong with me?! Suddenly I got the lightbulb moment, I know what happened. "I hitted you! ... I went over you on the wave... You made me lose balance!"

"I thought I felt something heavy go over me." He mutters to himself silently as he stands up shaking his shaggy dark wet hair like a dog. "Wait- what did you mean I made you lose balance?! I was the one that got attacked by the maniac! Thanks to you I'm going to get a bruised back-side, and it's not pleasant... believe me, I know." He rubs his butt in a slow motion exaggerating the pain with face expressions, which isn't pleasant for me to watch.

"Whatever", I mutter while stumbling onto my two feet. I make my way towards the beach dragging my board behind me.

"Hey, you! I'm not finished yet, you owe me an apology, Missy!" He thrashes through the waves struggling to keep up with me, at one point he yelps and trips up face first into the water. I don't dare look back and help him, I just want to go home. I hear him coughing up the water that he must have swallowed up in his little dip, following by a lot of groaning and moaning.

I reach the sand dunes when I hear a sharp yelp of shock. I swish back and see the boy half naked: his wetsuit down to his hips. A big bloody gash is scarred across his chest pulsing blood rapidly. My eyes fling wide open and before I know it or control it my legs are racing towards him automatically. By the time I reach him he is crouching on his knees looking weak and an impossible pale like a misty white cloud.

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. How?!- Why?!- What?!..." I say, while crouching down beside him and helping him sit up straight, but my fidgeting hands are hardly working.

"Bad, huh?... It was your fault, your board hit me, you-"

"LOOK!- I don't care whose fault it is, but you're dieing! How can you possibly care about whose fault it is when you are bleeding to death!" I say frantically. I lift him up onto his feet, but instantly he needs support. He lets out a wince and scrunches his eyes shut in pain. "My house isn't that far from the beach, it is just over those sand dunes." I nod him the direction of my house, but he only nods desperately in his response.

What seems like an hour of carrying a boy across the beach, up a sand dune that might as well be Mount Everest, and crawling through my street, we finally reach my door. Under the fresh new door mat is a spare silver shiny key, I lift it up with my fumbling hands and somehow manage to unlock the door. I am literally dragging this boy by the wait now as I climb through the door way. My arm is streaking with dried red blood like someone's spray tan that went disatrously wrong. I stumble into the living room and pull him onto a slick black leather sofa.

"You've got a nice house." The boy says in wonder looking around like he's trying to keep an eye on a fly.

"Okay, you stay here and stay alive while I'll go and get the first aid."

"I think this needs more than a small first aid box, and also, for the last time already, I AM NOT DIEING!" By the time he shouts the last bit of his sentence I'm already out the door. Right. First Aid. First Aid. Where is the First Aid! I am raiding the kitchen flinging out drawers and throwing tea towels behind me. AH! I know! I look at the back cupboard where we store soup and rice and other stuff in packets and tins. I grab the small green box and sprint to the living while slipping on the polished kitchen tiles. I bash through the doors and kneel before my patient. I fling open the First Aid box and scan it for bandages. There is only one bandage left, thankfully. I strap it around his chest covering him like an Egyptian mummy, finally I secure it and relax.

"That should help it." I say, exhausted.

"Thanks", the boy says. Now I get the feeling awkwardness. I have just let a random boy that I don't know into my home, and he hasn't even told me his name.

"I'll get you some water," I say, rushing towards the kitchen once again. I didn't want to experience the awkward moment of a conversation starting with "Soooo.... what's your opinion on cheese?" Once I enter the kitchen I fully see what a mess I've left it in. Everything was out of it's cupboard and scattered. I pick up a cup from the counter that I must of thrown. I turn on the tap and let the icy water run. Suddenly I get an idea. The bandage won't fully help, and I still don't believe the fact that he will live. I do have the power to heal, but only through water. The idea in my mind is completely crazy and can get me into loads of trouble, but I could do it the safe subtle way? I tip the edge of my finger onto the surface of the water in the cup and somehow pour healing power into it. A green, skinny, wispy cloud comes out of my finger and into the drink. I hold up the cup of water and see that the colour is unaffected. Perfect.

I enter the room and hobble towards him. I hand him the glass as he sits up. "My name is Indigo by the way," he says staring at the water like it's some kind of magic potion.

"Scarlett," I answer back trying to avoid the awkward eye contact, which I fail to do so, "I thought Indigo was a girl's name?"

"Nope, definitely a boy's name." He sips his water and I see a little more colour in his face come to life.

"Are you sure, because I'm pretty convinced it is a girl's name."

"Well, I'm your living proof that 'Indigo' is a boy's name." He demonstrates his hands across his body as if saying 'Here I am!'. Indigo drinks the rest of his water in one gulp and snuggles further down the sofa, closing his eyes.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" I say.

"What do you think? I'm going to sleep." He muffles.

"You can't sleep here! What if my father comes back as sees a half naked teenage boy on his black leather sofa asleep? He'd go berserk!" I start lifting him up back in a sitting position. He swats my face with both of his hands.

"Do you mind? Can't you see I'm trying to rest you crazy woman?" He rolls onto his side facing opposite of me. This is the most stubborn person or thing in the world! He is absolutely impossible.

I wrap myself on top of him and roll him off the sofa so his face slams the floor first.

"AAARGGGGGHHHH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Indigo is rolling on the floor like a sausage in the wind, massaging his nose like as if he was stroking a kitten.

"I told you to get up and you disobeyed me." I say folding my arms.

"FINE! I'm leaving anyway." He curses his way out through the door and slams it behind him. Now I can finally breathe and get out of this choking wetsuit.

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