A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


21. Chapter Twenty One

I had just finished fixing all the wiring on Deck 4 when the captain’s voice sounded through the sound system.

“Adrienne, report to the bridge immediately.”

Wiping my hands on my overalls, I made my way to the bridge, greeting Ionbta when I passed him in a corridor.

“Sounds like you’re in trouble,” he teased with a grin.

I stuck my tongue out at him and continued on my way. The captain was sitting in her raised chair examining the many screens that filled the room. On them was a spaceship. It appeared to be floating in space and was made of a dull grey colour. Tysnux was sat at a console nearby with Gwoj flying in circles around his head.

“Ah, there you are,” the captain said, her ears fluttering. “I need you to go onto this abandoned ship and scavenge some items. You are the only one small enough to get one of the things we need.”

“Umm okay . . . Why was the ship abandoned?”

“The engines are dead. There are no escape pods remaining or life signs so the crew must have all left,” the captain answered.

“Yeah, they must have,” I muttered, remembering a freaky film I had once watched about people boarding a ship that they thought had been empty but hadn’t been. None of them had survived.  

There was a squeak and I looked up to see Gwoj hovering above me. He dropped down onto my shoulder and tickled my neck with his green fur.

“I’m not going by myself, am I?” I asked, hoping that my fear wasn’t obvious.

“Raenol will go with you. He will do the heavy lifting.”

“Oh, great.” I swallowed nervously. The massive alien scared the hell out of me and I didn’t particularly want to be alone with him, especially as he hated the Cairani. “What do you want me to look for?”

“There are some items on board that we can sell when we reach the next trading station,” replied the captain. “I will talk you through where you have to go.” To Tysnux, she said, “Take Adrienne to the airlock and make sure she gets suited up properly.”

Tysnux disappeared down the hallway and I hurried after him. Tysnux’s emerald scales shimmered in the lighting and I tried to focus on them rather than the fact that I was about to go into space with a great big, hulking, Cairani-hating alien.



“Alright,” Tysnux said, slapping me on the shoulder. “You’re ready to go.”

“Thanks,” I muttered quietly, feeling nauseous.

I was dressed in a dark green spacesuit which, once Tysnux had pushed a button that shrunk the suit down to my size, fit me perfectly. The helmet was made of a dark material that was similar to plastic and made my head feel like it was twice its usual size. Gwoj was resting on my shoulder which made me feel slightly better.

Raenol lumbered into the room dressed in his usual overalls. His eyes were on me but he didn’t speak. I shifted uncomfortably.

“Ready to go?” Tysnux asked.

Raenol grunted and squatted down.

“Get on,” Tysnux told me, gesturing to Raenol’s back.

I warily did as he said and gripped onto Raenol tightly.

“You’re going to have to open the airlock on the other ship manually,” the captain informed me through a speaker in my helmet. Raenol knows what to do.”

Gwoj reluctantly vacated his spot on my shoulder as Raenol lumbered into the airlock. The door closed with a whooshing noise.

“Good luck,” Tysnux said, swatting Gwoj away when he bumped into his head.

The next thing I knew we were in space.



As Raenol and I drifted towards the derelict spaceship I wondered why he hadn’t put a spacesuit on like me. Maybe his species had adapted to survive in space for long periods of time. I tightened my hold on Raenol when an image of me floating away popped into my head.

Upon reaching the rectangular outline of a door in the side of the spaceship, Raenol withdrew a small, circular device from somewhere and placed it on the door. After several seconds there was a click and the door swung inwards. Raenol pulled me from his back and shoved me roughly inside.

“Raenol is too big to get in that way,” the captain told me. “He will find another way inside. Tap your boots together and they will magnetise you to the ship.”

I did as she said and my feet were immediately yanked to the floor. The door on the other side of the airlock was open and I stepped through it deeper into the ship.

“There must be an opening in the hull somewhere because nothing is being sucked into space,” I commented.

“I’ll tell Raenol. Turn left here.”

 It was hard work lifting my now heavy feet and I was soon panting. Seeing as the engines were dead there was no light but a torch built into my helmet lit the path.

“Look up to your right. Can you see a grill?”

I squinted, saying, “I don’t see . . . oh there it is.” It was set high into the wall out of arms reach. “I’m not tall enough.”

“You need to demagnetise your boots and float up there. Follow the vents and they will lead you to a chamber.”

I hit my boots together and my body was instantly horizontal. I began rising weightlessly to the ceiling. Pushing dangling wires out of my way, I grabbed the panel with both hands and pulled with all my strength. Nothing happened. I swore under my breath and positioned myself so that my feet were on the wall. I heaved again, certain that my face was bright red from effort. There was a metallic groan as the grill eventually loosened and when it was completely free I dropped it to the floor.

Once I had ungraciously managed to drag myself into the vent, I wheezed, “I’m in.”

The vent was so small that I couldn’t move sideways. No wonder the captain had wanted me to do this; the only crew member smaller than me was Gwoj.

As the captain had said the vent ended in a chamber. It was quite large and the ceiling was curved. There didn’t appear to be any way in or out except for the vent system. In the centre was a box made from a strange blue-black material.

“Yes that’s what we’re interested in. Take it back through the vent with you.”

Resisting the urge to sigh I did as I was told, having to go through the hassle of magnetising and demagnetising my boots. The box only just fit in the vent.

“Is it breakable?” I asked, out of breath when I reached the end.


“Good.” I pushed the box out, expecting it to land on the floor with a thud. But it didn’t. Raenol had caught it. He must have found a way in. “Hi,” I murmured, when Raenol didn’t speak.

He had a mesh bag slung over his back which had some items in it and added the box to it.

“There are just a few more items that we need,” the captain said.

I followed Raenol around the spaceship as we continued scavenging. One of the corridors we passed through was a mass of cables and wires. My foot became tangled and I tripped and fell. My breath was knocked out of me and I lay there on my stomach trying to recover. A huge six-fingered hand grabbed a handful of my spacesuit and picked me up. Raenol set me down in front of him.


Grunting, Raenol turned away. I hurried to keep up with him.



When we finally returned to our own spaceship I could hardly move I was so exhausted. The crew were all waiting for us and they patted Raenol and me on the back.

“This lot should sell well at the trading station,” Tysnux said grinning.

The others were all talking but I didn’t hear anything they said.

“You should go lie down,” Ionbta told me. “You’ve done well.”

Nodding, I somehow managed to find my way to my room. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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