A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


16. Chapter Sixteen

“You better not have ruined that dress.”

Turning away from the console, I found Lonzac standing barely inches away from me.

He brushed my hair behind my shoulder, his silver eyes shimmering. “You look beautiful.”

“Oh please,” said Greha. “If you keep looking at Adrienne like that her dress will burst into flames.”

Chuckling, Lonzac placed a hand on my hip. “What are you doing here?”

“Greha rescued me from Veolia so I was just helping her with some wiring.”

“She’s a gift from the stars.” Greha smiled at me warmly. “She can fix anything.”

I blushed at her compliment.

 Pulling me closer, Lonzac rested his cheek on my head. “Have you finished exploiting the Holder of my heart? I would quite like to spend some time with her.”

 Greha laughed. “I suppose I can do the rest myself. Go and enjoy yourselves.”

 Taking my hand in his, Lonzac led me out of the lab.

“Where are we going?” I asked, struggling to keep up with his fast pace.

Yanking me through a light patch of wall, Lonzac covered my mouth with his. He drew me over to the bed which we lay down on. Moving his lips to my neck, Lonzac gave me the chance to catch my breath.

“You are even lovelier in that dress. You should wear one more often.”

Running a hand through Lonzac’s soft copper hair, I said, “Veolia didn’t think so.”

Sighing he kissed the back of my hand. “I’m sorry about her, Adrienne.”

“So what’s going to happen now? We’ve been on Cairani Prime for a few days.” I gazed up at Lonzac. My heart was pounding in my chest; partly because I was nervous about what Lonzac would say and partly because he was lying on top of me.

Grinning, Lonzac trailed a fingertip across my collarbone. “Hmm, yes I’ve got you exactly where I want you.” He nibbled my earlobe making me laugh.

“Stop it!” I cried, pushing him away. “I want a serious answer, Lonzac.”

He rolled us over so that I was on top. My hair fell in front of my face so I brushed it behind my shoulders.

“Let’s talk about it later. I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment.”

Lonzac kissed me, the tip of his tongue brushing mine. I gasped and Lonzac’s hands gripped my waist. After a while he started hitching my dress up.

“No,” I gasped pulling away.

The metal sphere resting on my skin was so hot that it was nearly burning me.

Lonzac pressed his lips to my jaw. “I’m sorry,” he murmured teasing my lips with his thumb.

I was suddenly worried that Lonzac might hate me for saying no. “You . . . you understand don’t you?” I wanted to sleep with Lonzac, God I wanted to, but I wasn’t ready. There was also the fact that Lonzac had only gone to Earth to obtain some of my eggs. Plus I didn’t know how Cairani actually had sex.

Lonzac placed his hands on either side of my face and rested his forehead on mine. A rush of emotion washed over me. It left me gasping for breath.

“Adrienne, I love you. Nothing will change that. I respect you and would never make you do anything you don’t want to.”

Except come here.

We moved so that we were lying on our sides.

His silver eyes searching my face, Lonzac whispered,“Do you still hate me?”

I didn’t know what to say. Did I still hate Lonzac? I loved him with every fibre of my being . . . but he had taken me from my home. However, during the fight with his mother Lonzac had shown that if he had to choose between me and Cairani Prime, he would choose me.

“I . . . I’m not sure.”

A range of emotions crossed Lonzac’s face. Eventually he said, “There is going to be a ceremony tonight to welcome you.”

“To welcome me?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes and afterwards you will be one of us.”

“Do your mother and Veolia know about this?”

Nuzzling my neck, Lonzac said, “Yes, but they won’t do anything in front of everyone.”

“Will you start the tests after that?”


“Can we go to that lake I saw?” I asked, wanting to think about something other than having scary instruments poked at me.

Lonzac arched an eyebrow. “Really?”

Nodding enthusiastically, I asked, “Will I be able to swim in it?”

“No, the metal would seep into your skin and travel through your bloodstream, poisoning you.”

“Oh.” I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

Lonzac gave me a sad smile. “We can go and sit by it if you want to go outside.”

“Let’s go.” I grinned.



We walked down to the silver lake through a mass of copper and silver grasses. There was a light breeze which stirred the silky tendrils of my dress. Lonzac’s hand was warm in mine. Gazing up at the brightly coloured moons I thought about how far away from home I was. Laughter distracted me and I saw that there were already some people at the lake.

“Do you still want to go?” asked Lonzac, sensing my apprehension.

I nodded and he squeezed my hand.

“Lonzac!” yelled a young woman.

He waved and we stopped walking when we reached the edge of the liquid metal. To the left I could see the cliff that I had run to several days ago. The rock was a deep red and full of cracks.

“Who is this strange creature?”

There were five people already at the pool; three men and two women. All of them were tall, slender and godlike. I had never felt more out of my depth. They were in the liquid metal but the woman that had spoken got out. The silver rolled off her and she greeted Lonzac with a smile.

“So this is the human I’ve been hearing so much about.” Her golden eyes were fixed on me but I couldn’t read them. Was she pro human-Cairani breeding or anti?

“Adrienne, this is Sohalae. Sohalae, meet the Holder of my heart, Adrienne,” Lonzac introduced us.

Sohalae inclined her head to me. “Are you looking forward to the ceremony?”

“I guess so,” I answered quietly.

Sohalae laughed but Lonzac regarded me questioningly.

“Are you going to join us?” asked Sohalae, slipping back into the lake.

“Come on in!” cried the others, beckoning us with their slender hands.

Lonzac glanced at me hesitantly.

“Go on,” I said, managing a smile that didn’t reach my eyes. “I’ll be alright.”

Taking his shirt off, Lonzac kissed my cheek before getting in the liquid metal lake. I sat down and drew my knees up to my chest, watching as Lonzac talked with the others. They all seemed to be around his age so I guess they grew up together. Occasionally one of them would peer at me but apart from that no one paid me the slightest attention.

I dug my nails into my skin, my chest restricting in anxiety. Tears blurred my vision and I hastily blinked them away. What was I going to do? There was no way Baeyl and Veolia were going to let me become one of them. Something bad was going to happen. I just knew it.

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