A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


6. Chapter Six

Dionne wouldn’t talk to me at school the next day. She completely ignored me and wouldn’t sit next to me. Grayson wasn’t particularly chatty which left me feeling lonely.

“Why doesn’t Lonzac like rain?” I asked at lunchtime when we were sat in a corner of the cafeteria.

Grayson looked up surprised. “What do you mean?”

I told him what had happened the evening before.

“Oh yeah . . .” He seemed unsure what to say. “It’s just a . . . thing that he’s got. You know, like people not liking spiders.”

“You mean he’s got a phobia of water?” I asked sceptically.

“Uh yeah, that’s it.”

I wasn’t convinced, and Grayson refused to meet my eye, which only served to increase my suspicions.



A Nissan GTR was parked by the curb when I walked through the school gates.

Perched on the bonnet wearing a tight t-shirt, jeans and boots was Lonzac. “Hello Adrienne.” He grinned upon seeing me, his silver eyes flashing.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” I asked, holding onto the straps of my schoolbag, aware of how childish I must have looked in my school uniform. “Are you here to pick up Grayson?” Looking behind me I expected to see Grayson, but he had disappeared. It seemed to be a family trait.

However I did see Dionne who glared hatefully at the sight of me and Lonzac together before striding away. The other students milling around were staring at us, probably wondering why someone like Lonzac was talking to me.

Lonzac smiled. “Actually I came to pick you up. Your mum has given me permission.”   

“No, I can’t sorry. I’ve got homework.” Not that I actually had to do it, seeing as I was moving to Australia.

I moved to walk away but he stood up and grabbed my hand. Heat blasted up my arm and I found myself getting into Lonzac’s car. Moments later he slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine, revving it to scare away the students that had gathered nearby.

“Where are we going?” I asked when I had found my voice.

The car was zipping along roads too quickly for me to tell where we were.

Glancing over at me, Lonzac replied, “It’s a surprise. Are you hungry?”

I said that I was. Moments later we were sat outside a café.

“When are you going to Australia?”

“The same day you and Grayson leave,” I answered, taking a bite of my brownie. Gesturing to his milkshake I asked, “Don’t you drink tea or coffee?”

Lonzac’s lips tugged at the corners. “No I... I don’t drink things that have a lot of water in.”

I raised an eyebrow. Maybe he really did have a phobia of water. 



Over an hour later Lonzac stopped the car again.

“We’re here.” He beamed getting out of the car. Walking around, he opened my door. “What do you think?”

Stepping out onto the gravel drive I gazed up at the oddly shaped building. “What is it?”

Lonzac surprised me by draping an arm over my shoulders. I blushed at his closeness.

“Adrienne, I’m disappointed. It’s an observatory, one of the best in the country. Come, let’s go inside.”

He led me to the entrance, his arm still around me. It seemed that Lonzac had called ahead, because a woman was there waiting for us. She introduced herself as Doctor Todd and gave us a tour of the observatory. It was huge but I was more impressed by the telescope. As it was evening by then and the stars were starting to come out, Dr Todd let me look through it.

“This is fantastic!” I cried.

The stars were so in focus, I felt that if I reached out I would be able to touch them.

Lonzac chuckled at my enthusiasm but said, “Time to go I’m afraid, Adrienne.”

Disappointed I stood up and thanked Dr Todd before Lonzac and I returned to the car.

“We don’t have to go just yet,” he told me, eyes on the night sky.

Watching as he climbed up onto the car roof, I cried in horror, “What are you doing? You’re going to ruin your car!”

Laughing he said, “It’s just a car. Aren’t you going to join me?”

With more care than Lonzac I clambered up onto the roof. “I can’t believe I just did that,” I said sitting down.

“Liberating isn’t it?” he asked, hooking a thumb through my belt loop and pulling me down so that I was lying beside him.

I refused to look at him, annoyed at what he had just done, and concentrated on the sky instead.

Lonzac’s voice was quiet when he next spoke. “Just imagine all the other planets that are out there . . . all the galaxies and universes . . . all the life.”

His mouth was near my ear and I shivered.

“You think there is life out there?” I asked glancing up at him.

“Yes I do.” When I didn’t say anything he added, “Don’t you?”

“I’d like to think so, after all, it’d be pretty boring if it was just us humans.”

“I have to agree with that.” He sounded amused.

Sitting up, I jumped when Lonzac pressed a warm hand to my back. My heart was pounding in my chest as I turned to find his face inches from mine.

Grasping my hand in his, Lonzac said, “I want you to have this.”   

Goose-bumps trailed up my arm and I opened my hand to find a necklace. On a silver chain was a small glass sphere, and inside the sphere was a silver liquid that looked exactly like Lonzac’s irises. The sphere was warm to the touch.

“What is it?” I asked fascinated.

Taking the necklace, Lonzac fastened it around my neck. “It’s very special to me, just like you.”

My cheeks grew hot at his words. “If it’s so special shouldn’t you keep it?”

“I want you to have it,” he told me smiling his charming smile.

“Thank you.”

“I should be getting you home, it’s late.”

We slid down off the roof and got inside the car. We didn’t speak at all on the drive home, but the silence was comfortable.

When we got back Lonzac parked the car and walked around to open my door for me. “I hope that you enjoyed yourself.”

“Yeah, I did thanks.” I had been pleasantly surprised by the trip to the observatory and found myself wishing for more times like it. My heart dropped when I realised that I had less than a week left before I moved to Australia.

“You look so sad, Adrienne.” Lonzac brushed a tendril of hair from my cheek, his gaze fixed on me.

Overwhelmed by sorrow, I said, “I’m moving away soon. I . . . I don’t want to go.”

He smiled. “I know, but everything will be alright, you’ll see.” Leaning forward he pressed his lips to my cheek. “Goodnight, Adrienne.”

My knees trembled at his kiss and my steps were shaky as I walked away.

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