A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


17. Chapter Seventeen

Greha, Sohalae and some other willowy Cairani women stole me away from Lonzac so that they could prepare me for the ceremony. I tried to hide my discontent as I was washed and dressed, but it was impossible and Greha noticed.

“Why do you look so sad?” she asked, placing a smooth hand on my shoulder.

Opening my mouth to reply, I gulped and shook my head instead. Greha pulled me aside so that she could speak to me without the others overhearing.

Smiling warmly Greha said, “It’s understandable that you’re nervous. I would be if I was in your position. But you have nothing to worry about, Adrienne; the ceremony is simple and won’t take long.”

I was annoyed at Lonzac now because he hadn’t even bothered to tell me that. Grateful to Greha for her kind words I nodded and thanked her. We returned to the others who then continued preening me. When they had finished I got to see what had taken so long. My hair was smooth and as light as a feather. I was wearing a white dress with a pattern in golden thread and various jewels sewn into it. The collar was high and there were no sleeves. The dress had a long train and the only piece of jewellery I was wearing apart from my necklace was an elaborate hair band. My skin shimmered and someone had drawn a strange pattern around my eyes.

“You look sensational, Adrienne,” Sohalae cooed excitedly.

Greha touched my arm gently. “It’s time to go.”



The ceremony took place in the room with the domed ceiling and the pool of golden liquid. There were fifty or so people there, all of varying ages, and they were all staring at me. My knees started to shake and I felt bile rise in my throat. Taking my elbow, Greha led me towards the edge of the pool, which was where the elderly people had gathered. Lonzac was stood beside his mother who was regarding me frostily. Lonzac, however, was beaming at me and looking very proud. Seeing him there made my nausea disappear and I stood straighter, pushing my shoulders back. An elderly man stepped forwards to meet me. His dark metallic skin was loose and etched with deep wrinkles. Silence descended as the man opened his mouth to speak.

I was so focused on not doing anything wrong or stupid that I missed most of what happened. The next thing I knew the elderly man was holding out a bowl full of a thick brown liquid to me. Accepting it, I glanced at Lonzac who gestured for me to drink the contents of the bowl. Raising the metal bowl to my lips I tipped the liquid into my mouth, flinching at the bitterness. I could feel it trailing down my throat. I handed the bowl back to the man who smiled warmly at me.

All of a sudden I was on the floor convulsing in pain. My lungs were burning and my skin felt like it was on fire. Hands were grabbing me and Lonzac’s terrified face came into view. Crying out as Lonzac lifted me into his arms I caught sight of Baeyl and Veolia. They were watching me smugly. Then I blacked out.



Something was buzzing nearby. Shifting my weight, I pressed my face into my pillow not wanting to wake up just yet.

“Adrienne?” The voice was familiar and I slowly opened my eyes.

Grayson was stood beside my bed, his face expressionless. I recognised the room as the one I had stayed in on Lonzac’s spaceship. Bandages made of a strange material covered my arms.

“What happened?” I asked, flexing my fingers which were tingling unpleasantly. “Are we not on Cairani Prime anymore?”

“I have to inform Lonzac that you’re awake.” Grayson moved to leave but I stopped him.

“Wait, you’re making a buzzing noise.” After a considerable amount of effort I sat up. Nausea overwhelmed me and I clamped a hand over my mouth. When I felt better I made Grayson come closer. Opening his chest panel, I rooted around inside for a while.

“You should be resting.” Lonzac was stood at the end of the bed.

“He had a loose connection.” Closing the panel I patted Grayson’s chest. “There you go.”

A now non-buzzing Grayson thanked me before leaving.

“How are you feeling?” Perching himself on the edge of the bed, Lonzac gently took my hand in his.

“To be honest, I feel pretty crap. What happened?”

“I’m so sorry, Adrienne, I didn’t know that would happen. The drink was tampered with.” He kissed me, taking my breath away. “I will never let anyone hurt you ever again. I love you.”

“What was in the drink?”

Lonzac’s silver eyes were filled with sorrow. “A substance that nearly killed you,” he said quietly.

“I nearly died?” I gasped horrified.

Nodding, Lonzac hung his head.

“It wasn’t your fault and I’m still alive.” Reaching out, I laid my hand on Lonzac’s neck.

Raising his head, Lonzac’s gaze met mine. Silver tears were streaming down his cheeks. “It burned your skin. It dissolved your insides. I can’t lose you, Adrienne, I can’t.”

Drawing him into my arms, I held him close. “You won’t, Lonzac.”

“That’s why I had to get you away from there. We’re going somewhere safe, a quiet planet where we can be alone.” He was clinging to me so tightly that it hurt.

“I’ll go wherever you want.”



Someone grabbed me roughly, waking me from my dreamless sleep. I was thrown over something hard and opened my eyes in shock. Everything was upside down but I could tell that I was being carried somewhere.

“What’s happening?” I tried to straighten up but it was too painful.

The person was made of metal but was too tall and bulky to be Grayson.

“Put me down!”

I regretted those words seconds later when I was thrown to the floor. Gasping in pain I watched as the hulking robot played with a control panel in the wall. Dragging myself up so that I was leaning against the wall, I asked, “Who are you?”

Finished with its work, the robot turned to face me. “Veolia sends her regards.”


The robot disappeared through the lighter patch of wall and the room shook. Scrabbling to my feet I found a window. Through it I could see Lonzac’s spaceship.

“No!” I screamed, banging my fists on the glass.

I was in an escape pod and I had no idea where it was taking me. Attempting to access the control panel, I discovered that the robot had locked it. I would have switched some wires around but I couldn’t find a way into the controls. Crying silently I rested my cheek on the cold window and watched as I drifted further away from the love of my life.  

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