A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


9. Chapter Nine

I woke to find Grayson’s face mere inches from mine.

“Oh good.” He straightened up. “I was worried that I’d gotten the dosage wrong.”

My thoughts were muddled and I blinked at him in confusion. “What happened? Where am I?”

The room we were in had a curved ceiling and the walls were made of a silver metal. Certain areas were lighter than others but I couldn’t see a door. The bed I was lying on seemed to be built into the floor and had a thin but very comfortable mattress. Sitting up I rubbed my head.

“Are you hungry or thirsty?” asked Grayson. “Would you like some water?”

Standing up at my nod, he went over to a patch of lighter metal in the wall and started tapping on an invisible keypad. Seconds later a glass of water appeared in Grayson’s hand.

“Here you go,” he said handing me the glass.

I hesitantly accepted it before staring at the strange pink glass. It looked like normal glass but it was incredibly light and thin.

“I . . . I’m on a spaceship aren’t I?” I asked, taking a tentative sip of the water. It tasted ordinary enough.

Grayson smiled. “Yes you are.”

Trying to suppress the panic that was growing within me, I said, “And you and Lonzac are aliens?”

“Yes although technically I’m a robot.”

My eyes widening in shock I nearly dropped my drink. “You’re a robot?” I repeated shakily.

“Yes, Lonzac is my master. He created me. My purpose is to serve him and now it is to serve you too.”

“But . . . that’s not possible. Why do you look like a human?” Drawing my legs up, I wrapped an arm around them aware that I was trembling.

“It is a camouflage so that I could fit in with the humans.”

“What do you really look like?”

“You wish to see my true form?” he asked.

Nodding, because I didn’t trust myself to speak, I watched as the human version of Grayson was replaced with a sleek vaguely human shaped metal machine. Grayson was made of the same metal as the ship and he was smooth without a single scratch or mark on him. He didn’t have any eyes or a mouth that I could see which was creepy and made me shudder. Slowly I reaching out a hand to touch his face, I jumped when Lonzac voice filled the room. It was coming through an invisible speaker.

“Grayson, come to the bridge.”

The robot stood up noiselessly and moved towards a large area of lighter metal in one wall. He stepped through it and disappeared. I stared after him in shock. My glass slipped from my hand but instead of falling onto the bed it floated. Shrieking, I scrambled off the bed. My eyes followed the glass as it bobbed up and down for a while before disappearing.

“But . . . I . . .” Groaning I dropped my head into my hands. “This can’t be happening! I must be dreaming.” I pinched myself but unfortunately didn’t wake up.

Placing my hand on the area of the wall that Grayson had vanished through, my hand slid through it. It was as if there wasn’t anything solid there. It had to be an illusion. Taking a deep breath I walked towards the wall and through it. I was now in a curved corridor. There were small but very bright lights set into the ceiling at regular intervals. Hearing voices not very far away I followed the sound. I paused upon reaching the cockpit. I hadn’t gotten a very good look at it when I had been trying to escape, so I took a moment to examine it. A large section of glass, which I assumed was the equivalent of a car windscreen, took up most of the space and at that moment all I could see through it was blackness. Several smaller windows were dotted around. There were many control panels with flashing lights, buttons and switches and symbols that I didn’t recognise. Like the rest of the ship, everything was metallic, even the seats. Lonzac and Grayson were seated in big seats in front of the main console. They were talking to each other in a foreign language. As if in a dream I floated over to a side window and gazed outside. There was nothing, just darkness. I was in space.

“Good you’re awake.”

Turning, I found Lonzac’s silver eyes fixed on me.

“How are you feeling?”    

I didn’t reply. Instead I clenched my hands into fists. How did he think I was feeling? He had just taken me away from everything I knew, away from my home.

“Come and join me.” Lonzac smiled. He got to his feet and sat down on a curved piece of metal. Was it meant to be a sofa? “You must have lots of questions.”

Approaching him slowly, I clenched my jaw in anger. Instead of sitting down I slapped him and hissed in pain. It had felt like hitting stone.

Not looking like my slap had hurt him at all, Lonzac said, “I guess I deserved that.”

“Take me back!” I yelled grabbing him by the collar. Shaking him I demanded, “Take me back you bastard!”

Lifting me off him like I was nothing more than a doll, Lonzac made me sit beside him. “Calm down otherwise I’ll get Grayson to jab you again. Understand?”

Disgruntled I glared at him, folding my arms.

“That’s better. Now would you like a drink or something to eat?”

I said something under my breath about not being hungry or thirsty.

Lonzac typed something into the metal armrest and a glass appeared out of nowhere. It was filled with a silver liquid. “Where to start?” asked Lonzac, licking his lips.

I couldn’t look at him. My heart was going crazy at being so close to Lonzac but I hated him so much. “How about at the beginning?” My voice was bitter and I picked at my jeans.

“I come from a planet called Xerty Kiuy.”

“Pardon,” I said.

Sighing Lonzac withdrew a slim case from within his jacket. “I forgot to give you this while you were asleep.” He opened the case and pulled out thin cylinder. “It won’t hurt.”

“Whoa, wait a minute.” I slid away from him.

As fast as lightning Lonzac stuck the cylinder into my arm and a cool liquid spread through me.

Horrified I gasped. “What did you just give me?”

“It’s a translating virus. It won’t harm you at all.” He put the cylinder back in the case, which he then returned to his pocket. “Right, where was I? Ah yes, my planet is called Cairan Prime. It’s a small planet, smaller than Earth, but it has three moons and there are two suns. There aren’t many other planets in the solar system, only four others. My people, the Cairani, are very dependent on metal; nearly everything we build is made of metal, and over the centuries our very bodies have evolved to become stronger and our appearances have changed due to metal.” That explained Lonzac’s copper hair and his silver eyes then. “My people are being hunted to extinction by a race called the Aehlor. There are only a hundred Cairani left but more die every day. Cairani females can only give birth once, so children are few. As a scientist I tried to find a way to ensure that my species survives and I realised that the only way that can happen, is if we mate with other races, races where the women bear more than one child.”

The realisation of what Lonzac was saying slowly dawned on me. “You want me to have your children?” I felt nauseous. Getting to my feet I backed away. “You kidnapped me, no spacenapped me because I have ovaries full of eggs? Oh my God.” Clamping a hand over my mouth, tears welled in my eyes.

“Adrienne, please let me explain,” pleaded Lonzac, slowly standing up.

“You’re sick. Did you seriously think that I would willingly have children with you? You don’t care for me at all, do you? You wooed me so that you could get your hands on my eggs. You made me fall in love with you.” The tears were running in rivers down my cheeks as I sobbed. “But you don’t give a damn about me. It was all a lie.”

Brushing my hair from my face Lonzac shook his head. “No, it wasn’t all a lie, Adrienne.”

I hit his hand away. “What was real then? Did you make sure that my mum got the job in Australia so that I would have to choose between you?”

Lonzac’s face was guilty as he replied, “I admit I did ensure that happened, but my feelings for you are real, Adrienne. I love you.”

“No.” Pressing my hands to my ears I fell to my knees. “I don’t want your lies. Don’t you realise what you’ve done? You took me from my home and from everyone that I care about. Why me?” Clutching at my head I continued to sob.

“I went to see an oracle to determine which species would be the best for my people to breed with and the oracle gave me your name. She told me that you are my perfect partner. I was cynical at first, after all nearly everyone has heard of Earth and the human race, and you are considered primitive compared to the rest of the universe. But as I got to know you I grew to love you.” Lonzac took my hand. “Adrienne, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

Lifting my gaze to meet his, love and hate swirled in my gut. “Take me home,” I said, my voice pleading.

His expression dropped in disappointment. “I . . . I can’t. We’re going to Cairan Prime.”

Pushing him away I stumbled to my feet. “What so you can start repopulating your planet? You are not going anywhere near my ovaries. Now take me home.”

“I’m sorry Adrienne but I can’t do that.”

Seething with fury I jumped at Lonzac, pinning him to the floor. “Take me back!” I screamed. “Why did you make me come with you? Why couldn’t you just have taken some of my eggs without me knowing? Why did you have to do this?” Rolling off him I lunged at the nearest control panel.

Lonzac grabbed my arm, pulling me back. “Would you really rather that I had done that?”


Heartbroken he dropped my arm. That was when a wailing sound pierced my ears and I winced in pain.

“What’s happening?”

The blood, or whatever it was that ran through his body, drained from Lonzac’s face. “Someone’s transported onto the ship.”

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